Monday, February 26, 2007

Well, I'm coming at you from my new, snazzy Dell computer. Dear god, I love this thing. It's fast, still not smeared with fingerprints, and as of yet, there's no beer on the keyboard. It has Windows Vista on it, and lemme tell ya, it RAWKS! Love the damn thing. Love it.

So anyway, the new computer arrived on Friday afternoon and I spent all weekend customizing my settings, transferring files, and downloading software. Fun times.

So what I'm about to say is almost unbelieveable. I swear, if I didn't know me, I'd think I was making it up. (Don't get all excited... it's nothing that great.) LOL! But on Friday, Grace came home with ANOTHER birthday party invitation for March 14th at a hotel down the street from us (it's a party in the hotel's swimming pool). For the love of...

And then, just because fate decided I hadn't yet completely lost my mind, when I took Hannah too gymnastics that night, one of the moms there (that I've become fairly close with the past few years of gymnastics) handed me an envelope containing (you guessed it!) an invitation for her daughter's party at the gymnastics center. On March 10th... the same day as the THREE other parties we're already supposed to attend. Honest to god, I'm ready to hole up in my house until April and not come out until all of these spring fever babies are done celebrating the day of their birth. [sigh]

Speaking of birthday parties, we crossed one off the list tonight. Grace went to her "boyfriend's" roller skating party tonight. She's never really roller skated before, but she had a blast. However, she is going to be one hurting girl tomorrow morning and I won't be suprised if there are like a billion bruises on her legs, arms, butt, etc. from falling down so much. LOL! But it was fun for her and she didn't break any bones, which I suppose is all that really matters.

And with that extremely boring post, I'm off. I'm not sure yet if I'm going to head to bed, or fight sleep like usual and stay up another 3 hours doing mindless things, but either way, I've run out of things to say. I hope you all had a fantastic weekend!!


Amber said...

Oh, the freaking birthday parties, I know! Like, seven kids in Wyatt's class have parties this month! I was happy I could say we might not be able to make it to some because I was having my face cut on. LOL!

And also, is it just me? Or do some people go way crazy on the kids parties? Holy crap!


Chelle Y. said...

I'll be sure to send you an invitation to Brendan's birthday party in April! Hahahahaha!

Okay, not funny. I have just been around too many kids today, that even a "burp" will send me into giggles.

Adults....I need Adults! :)

Oh yeah, Yay on your new computer!