Monday, February 19, 2007

Fried laptops, dead rodents, tunnels of love and tea parties anyone?

Oh... my... god. No matter how hard I try, I don't think I'll be able to completely update you on everything that's gone on here the past few days since I last blogged. Seriously. I feel like I'm in a bad sitcom that can't get cancelled no matter how hard I try. So excuse my randomness and serious lack of segues, OK?


First things first. My laptop is dead. And I mean dead. At 2 A.M. last night, I (being the effing idiot that I am), accidentally spilled some beer on the keyboard as I was getting up to go to bed. It's done. I can't type the letters A, D, Z, Q, S, T and a bunch of others, the Space bar doesn't work, when you hit any letter on the right side of the keyboard, it types the letter "D", and sometimes it randomly types repeating "E's" when you aren't pressing anything on the keyboard at all. Everytime you click on the Start menu, it opens up another session of Microsoft Exchange. I mean, it is FRIED. So I'm on my work laptop right now.

The good news in all of this is that Steve told me just to order a new computer. Uhhhh... ok. Hell, if I would've known it was that easy, I would've sprayed the sucker down with some Miller Lite months ago.


I arrived home from a bunch of places yesterday and after being home for awhile, I spotted a plastic grocery bag hanging on the doorknob of our side door, between the main door and the screen door. I was like, "Hmmm.. what's that? I wonder who was here while we were gone and I wonder what they left us."

Well, ladies and gentlemen, it turns out that in that little grocery bag was a fucking DEAD SQUIRREL! Ewwwww! It's WAY too long a story to get into now, but one of Steve's friends had shot the squirrel and wanted Steve to skin it. He brought it by and we weren't home, so he thought it would be hilarious to just hang it there on our doorknob. I swear to god, I didn't know whether to laugh until I peed or call him and rip him a new one. A DEAD SQUIRREL, people! On my DOORKNOB! Rednecks suck, my friends. If you ever meet one, run far and run fast. Trust me on this one.


As if one dead rodent isn't enough, we found another dead mouse in the mousetrap this morning. Seriously... I feel like Satan's version of Snow White or something. She attracted little bunnies and birds... I attract dead shit. Nice.


Grace went to a birthday party yesterday afternoon (which is when the squirrel was apparently delivered). It was a princess tea party. Oh my. I realize most of you don't actually know Grace, other than from what I write here, but trust me when I say that a Princess tea party is not really her cup of tea (pun intended). In fact, when she received the invitation and read the part to her that said, "Come dressed as your favorite princess or pick a gown at the party!" she said (and I quote...), "I don't want to dress like no stupid freakin' princess!" And she wasn't kidding. LOL! God, I love her.

So anyway, it really was a cute party. It was held in an old, historic building and the girls got to go upstairs and put on dresses, hats and jewelry. They made bead bracelets and necklaces (Grace made one with her "boyfriend's" name on it... Seriously... this kid is going to be the death of me) and then had a tea party, complete with juice in real ceramic tea pots, they drank out of real ceramic tea cups, and they ate little finger sandwiches shaped like flowers and grapes. It was soooo cute (in theory), but Grace didn't seem to be having nearly as much fun as she would've if at least one member of the opposite sex was there to play football with her. LOL! But afterwards, she swore she loved it, so I guess I'll take her word for it. She did stay somewhat true to her beliefs though when she outright refused to wear any of the "stupid hats" they had there for the girls to wear if they wanted to. LOL!

I just thank god Hannah wasn't there because I swear I would've had to drag her out of there kicking and screaming. It totally amazes me how different two siblings can be. Anyway, here are a few pictures from the tea party...


Also, before I go, I wanted to post a few pictures from Saturday morning when Steve and I took the girls out back to go sledding. We took them down a steep hill at the end of our yard and Grace had a BLAST! Hannah went down once (and went flying about 8 feet when they got to the bottom), so that was it for her. LOL!

(In case you're wondering about the pictures, I make them wear helmets when they sled down that hill. It's really steep and there are rocks and trees and stuff that they could potentially slam in to.)


Crap! I almost forgot about the Tunnel of Love! It's been used twice here now. Steve likes it well enough, however, we believe we used it upside down and backwards the first time, so we're withholding judgement until we're sure we're using it properly. LMAO!


Mary said...

That tunnel of love sounds way too complicated....

Great pictures--I wish we had snow! We didn't get nearly that much this year...

Our cat leaves us squirrel tails, but who knows where the bodies end up...

Clara, like Hannah, would LOVE a party like that. I think they have a place like that around here to do parties, but I'll wait til Clara is a bit older...

YAY for new laptops--have fun picking out a new one.

gb said...

That Steve is such a lucky man........

You get the tunnel of love, and you use it twice over the course of the past week. That exceeds my quota for the month by two!! LOL

Then he says he is not sure it is on properly, we better try it again.....LOL.....what a smart man!!

hepmomto3 said...

LMAO! Go Grace!!!

Tink said...

Upside down and backwards?! Holy shit. Please write me an instruction manual if I decide to get one. I imagining some kind of slinky like tube. No back or bottom to it.

I literally laughed out loud at Gracey's reaction to the party invite. That kid ROCKS. And I can't get over how beautiful your kids are every time I see new pictures of them. You produce some stunning chilluns chickie. :)

Susie said...

Ya know now I have to go check and see if they have a web site so I can find outh what this thing is. LOL!!!

Your girls are beautiful by the way!!!

Kimmykay said...

I was hoping for pictures of the love tunnel since you had so many up, LOL.

I love your kids. I'm glad Grace had a good time at the tea party even if it was all about freaking princesses, girl after my own heart.