Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Wow. I really do suck at this blogging thing.

I can't even use the excuse that I've been too busy to blog (although I have been busy, mind you). I just honestly haven't felt like it. Nothing earth-shattering has taken place in my life. Sure, one or two humerous or interesting things happens every day, but it's usually summed up in a sentence or two and coming here to blogger just to type one or two sentences seems pointless. So, with that being said, I'm going to post an extremely random, haphazard list of things that have happened/were said/crossed my mind/etc. Ready... set... go!

* Steve gave me a full-fledged wedgie the other night. On purpose. For no real reason. I was sittting at my computer and he walked up behind me, grabbed the back of my underwear and yanked. Um, thanks? That's true love, lemme tell ya. [shaking head]

* It's effing COLD here today. 45-degrees lower than normal for this time of year. Grace even had a 2-hour delay from school this morning because it's THAT cold. This sucks. Please hurry spring. Please.

* One of my digital scrapbooking layouts that was posted in an online gallery was mentioned and spotlighted on a national digital scrapping radio show that you can download and listen to. It was very flattering of course, but frankly, the layout sucked and I think it was kind of stupid. LOL! But hey, whatever. It was for a challenge (i.e., a contest sort of) where you had to make a layout about something (NOT someone) that you love. So I took a picture of my DSL modem and my wireless router and had at it. See? I told you it was stupid. And yet, there it was... a link to it on the radio show's website and the two DJs discussing it in great length for all the world to hear. [sigh] I mean, I'm glad they liked it and all, but I really do much better work that that layout reflected. LOL!

* We received a letter from the IRS two weekends ago claiming we under-reported Steve's earnings for 2005, and that we owed them $8,000 in back taxes and penalties. Um, what? So after 30 minutes or so on the phone with the accountant and Steve's file opened on our computer screen, we discovered that the error was actually a computer setting that was used (my fault), and that we shouldn't owe any money. So the accountant fired off a letter with an explanation and an adjusted return and we're praying that kills the whole thing dead.

* One morning last week, everyone else had left for the day and I jumped in the shower. As the shower continued, I noticed that the water appeared to be getting colder and colder. Shit. So I jumped out and checked, and sure as shit, our furnace was dead. This is where having a plumber for a FIL is a good, good thing, and he came over within the next few hours (I was up to about 3 layers of clothing at that point) and he gave the furnace a good makeover and we were good to go. Whew. See? I knew marrying a blue-collar guy with blue-collar relatives would pay off in the long run... a working furnace, new parts for it, and no outrageous bill (or any at all really). Sweet.

* This weekend is birthday party hell. Three kid parties on Saturday (there were actually 4, but I had to nix one for obvious reasons) and one party on Sunday for our 80-year-old neighbor. Then next Wednesday, Grace has a swimming party down the street. Next Saturday is one for her friend at the local firehouse, and Sunday is my cousin's little boy's first birthday. [sigh] I get to go shopping on Thursday and will probably drop $100+ on stupid gift cards for that store I despise called Toys R Us. Yay me. Glad to see the money I earn is being put to good use. [sigh]

* Hannah has spent the last THREE HOURS on NickJr.com (I'm on my work laptop right now). Now I realize a 3-year-old being on a computer for 3 hours seems a bit extreme, but she just walked up to me and counted to ten in Spanish, so we're going to pretend that she's actually participating in some sort of online educational classes, OK? Work with me here, people. She's quiet and I'm getting a lot done and I don't want to screw that up.

* We found out that Taylor Hicks is going to be in concert literally RIGHT down the street from us next month. Tickets go on sale this Saturday. We are sooooo there! We LOVE Taylor Hicks. SOUL PATROL! I suggested to Steve that we make T-shirts with Taylor's face on them and "I heart Taylor!" written on them, just for the fantastic photo opportunity it would present for my blog. He actually briefly considered it, but I'm afraid he'd actually want to wear it to the concert, so I've decided not to mention it again.

* Speaking of American Idol, people, I LOVE Blake. LOVE HIM! If he doesn't get close to winning, I'm going to be pissed! And I'd say he should win it all, but frankly, some of the girls kick some singing ass and I really do think they deserve a shot too. But Blake better at least be second, or I'm boycotting American Idol forever. And if that scrawny little dude that looks like a girl doesn't go home this week, I'm flying to the next taping and kicking his ass on camera. He sucks.

OK guys, I guess that's it for now. I really should remove Hannah from the computer chair (like mommy, like daughter, huh?) and get her to do something "acceptable" like play with flash cards or something now. LOL! Later gators!



Anonymous said...

did you ever post a link to your digi scrapbooking stuff? If not, post it damn it. Or email it to me, cuz I wanna see :)

have fun with all those parties, it makes my head hurt just to think about.

I'm really jealous about Taylor Hicks being so close to your house--no fair.


Alien said...

Hey Mary!

No, I haven't posted any of my stuff. After American Idol (which is about to start now), I'll post some of my better layouts.


Chelle Y. said...

I love Blake too. I am so with you on "that scrawny, little dude that looks like a girl." My sister and I joke that all the people from India are voting for him, like the whole city of Fremont! Haha!

I am the same way about blogging too. My life has not been too interesting lately.

Chastity said...

Interesting to know.