Monday, October 30, 2006


Much better day today. Nothing earth-shattering took place. But it was a nice, fairly calm day.

Grace's school had a big hayride/games/activity today at the school, so she had fun and all of the kids dressed up and "paraded" around the school for parents in the afternoon. Grace is kind of "over" the punk rocker costume since she's already worn it twice (at least), so she dug out an old witch's hat and cape and I cut off an old black, sparkly dress of mine and she went as a witch instead today. She looked really cute!

I made a kick ass dinner tonight. For someone who primarily eats junkfood, I must say that good, hearty, red meat filled dinners are a favorite of mine. Mmmm... steak.

Daylight savings time is kicking the kids' asses... "No Grace, we are NOT getting up right now at 5:30 AM and going downstairs to watch TV..." [sigh]

We're out of beer. ACK! The horrors! But it's OK. I didn't have that built-in wine rack installed in my kitchen for nothing, my friends. ;)

My good friend and his girlfriend had a baby girl the other day! WOOHOO! (I realize none of you give a shit, but Steve and I are virtually the ONLY people in our entire group of friends and family that have girls. Literally. So it's nice to throw another girl into the mix.)

CSI: Miami is a rerun tonight. Um, why? What the hell? Didn't the new season just start?

I LOVE Prison Break! And even more so now than when the guys were actually in prison. It should just be on 5 nights a week. Yeah. That's it. That would rule.

The accountant dropped Steve's quarterly taxes off today and fixed some stuff that was screwed up (nothing major). I HATE dealing with Steve's business stuff. It makes me itchy because Steve is Mr. Anal Retentive boy. I realize this is probably good when dealing with a business, but it still makes me want to hang myself. Good times, I tell ya.

When Grace got home from school, the girls and I went outside to rake leaves and jump in them. They were COVERED with teeny tiny pieces of leaves that were stuck to them, in their shoes, in their socks, down their pants, and in their hair. Leaf removal from their hair took me a good 30 minutes. Good times, my friends.

Just realized how rambling this post is and decided to stick to beer from now on. Wine makes me stupid, apparently. LOL! G'night.


Chelle Y. said...

Hey, I love the rambling! :) That is one thing that I miss about New Jersey. The leaves were so much fun to jump in when I was younger. I hated raking, loved jumping! :)

Belynda said...

I never got to jump in a pile of leaves...I should so do that sometime! LOL

What's wrong with rambling?

Gracey said...

I'm with Chelle on this one since I grew up in CA and she lives there now....there can be no leave jumping in CA. I must have missed out on some great stuff as a child. *sigh*

Amber said...

Hey! We have leaves! Come rake them up, and I'll let you jump in them, Chelle. They just don't have leaves in the bay area, in case it makes anyone without leaves feel bad. ;)

No pics of the witch? wth lady? pft!


Tink said...

Ramble away! That's like my first language. Hope the beer shortage gets resolved tonight. Happy Halloween girl.

Chelle Y. said...

Amber, I do not love them that much! Haha!