Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Random Thoughts...

* Having paid work to do is great.

* Having so much to do that you don't get much sleep kind of sucks.

* I've learned never to send late night emails to people other than my friends. I sent a rambling, incoherent email to my co-worker two nights ago and had to make up a big, complicated story about what the hell I was even talking about.

* Also learned that one of the guys on our project team is a total dickwad and it makes me want to bash his head in.

* I'm pumped about TV tonight. LOST first. Sawyer... Mmmmmm. And then "The Nine". Did anyone else watch this last week? I LOVE it. Good shit. Catch it this week if you didn't watch it last week. You've only missed one episode, so you'll be OK.

* I haven't spotted a flea on me in days. Steve saw a few two nights ago, but I think I've gotten it pretty much under control. With a few more days/weeks of maintenance, I think we'll be golden.

* Salinger was diagnosed with diabetes. We're trying a pill for two weeks, but if that doesn't work, they want to put him on insulin shots. I love the little guy, but I am not giving my cat shots everyday, so we'll see what happens...

* To whomever the "Anonymous" commenter is making remarks to another person we know, please stop. I, for one, have remained friends with the person you're trying to call out. But even if I hadn't, I'd still continue to delete your comments. I don't want this blog to be a place where people bash each other. I can bash whomever I want to in my posts because it's my blog. You? Not so much. Thanks, girl.

* I've noticed that on days where both girls head off to their respective schools, I'm much less likely to do things like shower. Nice.


Amber said...

I did like The Nine. I agree that it is good shit.


Mary said...

Oooh I liked The Nine too! Actually looking forward to it tonight!

I'm so confused by that whole anonymus crap. I can't even SPELL that word, I suck.

YAY for fleas being gone. Now our cat has them. I have yet to see any, or get any bites, but I found flea poop where he sleeps. Damnit.

Tink said...

Did you watch LOST tonight? Jayzuz. Sawyer better not EVER be off'd. He's the only reason I watch the show.

beth said...

Are you all trying to make my head spin with all these references to anonymous commenters?

Anonymous posters everywhere: Please grow some "tits", say what you mean to who you need to say it and then go live your life.

*sigh* I'm so tired of being confused. :-(

Alien said...

Amber: The Nine has totally sucked me in after seeing tonight's episode and next week's previews. [sigh]

Mary: Ack! Fleas been gone! Fleas SUCK!

Tink: Duh. Of COURSE I watched LOST tonight. [shaking head] So you and Hoop are going to actually watch it this season AS it's being aired? LOL!

Beth: LOL! Poor, poor Beth. I can assure everyone that the anonymous posting stuff is not that interesting. It has NOTHING to do with my blog though and in fact, the person that Anon is commenting to doesn't even HAVE a blog, and is just part of our lives outside of this whole evil Blogger empire. That's why I don't want the comments here. It has NOTHING to do with what's posted here. Absolutely nothing.

Renfield said...

I watched LOST and The Nine last night. Man - Sawyer is SA-MOKIN'!!! I love that man! The Nine is pretty good, too. It's definitely sucked me in (except for Scott Wolfe - I don't like looking at him, but SHIT! Did you see what he did?!?!?)

Susan said...

I agree with Beth...if you have something to say, say it and don't be a chicken shit and hide your identity.

I don't watch Lost but love The Nine. I couldn't believe what the "good" doc did. Do you think Felicia was in on the bank heist?