Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Recap of the Day (October 3, 2006)

* Woke up between two fast asleep children that were practically suffocating me.

* Got Grace dressed for school and waited at the end of the driveway with her for the bus.

* Made up a little song about farting (she calls it "fluffing") because she had let one rip and was paranoid I'd tell the bus driver. (I'm so flippin' mature, let me tell you.)

* Got phone call # 1 from Steve, telling me to watch the news because The World's Largest General Store (the best place ever in our area), was on fire.

* Turned on the news to find the entire place was completely destroyed. I'm devastated. We LOVE that place.

* Got phone call # 2 from my sister who was working at the court house, but no bosses were in today, so she decided to spend the day calling people.

* Got phone call # 3 while on the phone with my sister. It was the vet saying that Salinger is, indeed, diabetic, but that they want to run "one more quick bloodtest" in regards to the anemia. Uh huh. Is this "quick blood test" another ninety effin' dollars like last week's was? [grumble grumble]

* Decided not to call them back until my paycheck clears.

* Got phone call # 4 from Steve, telling me that the entire World's Largest General Store was indeed gone. (Thanks buddy, but I've got access to the TV and internet all day, so I kind of already knew that.)

* Made phone call # 5 to my mom at work to tell her about the World's Largest General Store fire. (Seriously people, we LOVE this place. Some of you have been there, so you know how much it rocked.)

* Finally decided it was time to shower or something (or stop neglecting my 3-year-old) and headed upstairs.

* Showered up and asked Hannah if she wanted to walk up the street to the gas station. (I needed cigarettes, but we're going to pretend I just wanted some fresh air and exercise. Uh huh. Right.)

* Halfway there, realized that this little adventure that should've taken all of 15 minutes was going to take a good hour, thanks to Hannah's insistance that we stop every three steps to look at trees, water, leaves, rocks, etc.

* Cursed the fact that she had brought a damn Barbie doll with her [shudder], and I had somehow got stuck with the evil bitch in my jeans pocket with her peroxide blonde hair sticking out of the top of my ass.

* Arrived at the gas station and found out a bomb threat had been called into the local high school. What is wrong with the world. Dear lord...

* Arrived back home (50 minutes later) and convinced Hannah to come inside for a drink.

* Grudgingly vacuumed the whole damn house from top to bottom again in an attempt to rid said house of all fleas in all stages of their life cycle.

* Tried to sneak outside for a cigarette, but Hannah found me and insisted on staying outside. Shit.

* Watched her collect rocks and sticks from the side of our house and put them in a bucket. Oh, to be a child again...

* Was informed by my oh-so-bossy three-year-old that I was going on a treasure hunt whether I liked it or not.

* Was also informed that I was to go inside and get a piece of paper and a crayon and meet her in the swingset playhut so that she could draw the treasure map before we embarked on our hunt.

* Followed little Hannah around the yard as she rambled on about pirates and mice and going to the doctor and something else that escapes me right now.

* Leaned against the wrought iron fence in the front of our house while Hannah opened the gate, walked through it, closed the gate, and repeated for a good 90 minutes.

* Heard her saying something about boats and escaping crocodiles or something, but she wouldn't repeat it, so I let her have her fun.

* Let her color on the fence with a teal crayon (because I knew it wouldn't show up through the damn rust on the thing).

* Coaxed her back inside after a few hours. A smoker's lungs can only take so much fresh air, ya know...

* Hung out with her on the couch while we watched some freaky kid show.

* Watched her become possessed and start throwing a holy tantrum because I wouldn't take her ponytail out. (For the record, I tried, but she flipped out and started screaming, "NO! NO! NO!" When I stopped, she started screaming, "TAKE IT OUT! TAKE IT OUT!" Seriously, is three too young to take Prozac?

* Got Grace off the bus.

* Broke up two physical fights between Grace and Hannah. Seriously children, knock it the hell off, would ya?

* Took Grace to gymnastics class.

* Came home and bathed my filthy children, only breaking up one kicking fight between them. [sigh]

* Told them to go play Beauty Shop while Mommy cracked open a beer and caught up on some email. (Such a stellar example of mothering I am, no?)

* Played with the kids a bit and got them to sleep (after threatening Hannah three times to just STOP TALKING). Seriously. I laugh in people's faces when they comment on how sweet and quiet Hannah is. Yeah. In public maybe. At home, she's the spawn of the devil in a little 28 lb. package.

* Watched "Dancing with the Stars" only so I could see Joey Lawrence and Mario from "Saved By the Bell". Mmmm....

* Was guilted (by myself) into coming here to post this daily recap after several of you commented on how much you missed them. [sigh] You people are killin' me. ;)


Mary said...

About freakin time you post this...

kidding of course ;)

Clara and Hannah are very alike. Perfect for strangers, stellar at school, and possesed at home. CLara is currently shrieking for her father. She doesn't want to go to sleep. It's after 9pm. She has to be up at 615am. Someone is gonna be cranky tomorrow...

Janet said...

We have to get Hannah and Zach together- they sound too similar! I guess it is better that they act crazy at home and behave at school.

Bummer about the General Store!

Gracey said...

These posts are too great! No wonder people were bugging you to get them back up. I have to say that I like your little one, Grace. (I guess that is mainly because we have the same name and I'm pretty sure I was similar to her when I was young.) :)

Chelle Y. said...

That is so sad about your favorite store. We have a "General Store" here in my town, but it went out of business. I was so sad. I cannot imagine losing a favorite store to a fire.

Oh, and Gracey (my Gracey) was a big pain in junior high. I can only imagine how ornery she was as a child! Haha, just kidding!

Alien said...

[sigh] Oh Chelle, it wasn't just a store. It was an adventure. It was a HUGE place. They sold furniture, food, pets, and anything else you could imagine. We rented our grill for the pig roasts there... The cabinet company we bought our kitchen from was in there... They had regular festivals, complete with rides and funnel cake... They sold furniture... There were restaurants and a coffee shop inside the building... There was a petting zoo... They did all sorts of home improvement (siding, decks, window installation, etc.) I mean EVERYTHING you could possibly imagine was there. People would come from a hundred miles away to go there. In the winter (and the summer), I used to take the kids there when they just needed to get out of the house. We could spend HOURS there. They're estimating the "damage" at one billion dollars, but that includes the whole tourism thing too. Ugh. It's such a tragedy. :(

Alien said...

Here Chelle... go here:


Seriously, the place was a daytrip for us several times a year. [sigh]

fishface said...

Sounds like a great place. I hope they got the animals out in time.

Belynda said...

WOW. That place sounds awesome. Hopefully, they'll rebuild in time for you to rent the grill for next year's pig roast!

Alien said...

Fishface: The news said that they got all of the petting zoo animals except one llama that just wouldn't stop eating long enough to leave. But the pets they sold inside the building all died. :(

Belynda: Actually, this past year, we rented the grill from the same place we got the pig from. LOL! I hope they rebuild too. The place employed over 250 people that lived here and it really was a fantastic place.

Chelle Y. said...

Wow, that looks like an awesome store. You made me laugh about the elephant head! :)

I hope that they will be able to rebuild it. I know it will take a long time, but it looks like a place worthy of rebuilding!

I am sorry that happened.

Alien said...

By the way, I feel the need to add here that I realize the fire was sad, but not a great tragedy in the grand scheme of things. No people were hurt (thank god). With the shootings in the Amish schoolhouse yesterday (which actually isn't that far from here), me bitching about my favorite store burning down seems extremely petty and ridiculous. And it really is, I suppose.

So yes, we'll miss the place, but there are many, many worse things that could've happened and I know that. Just wanted to say that...

gb said...

It's great to see you back, posting on a regular basis!!!! We missed you!

Susan said...

I swear my boys are the same...perfect, well behaved angels at school all day and then crazed childrend when they get home.

What a bummer about TWLGS,hope they can rebuild it.

Tink said...

After you mentioned the treasure hunt with Hannah I had a mental spool of what my brothers sounded like running through my head.

"Andthentherewasthismonkeywhowouldntstopthrowingstuffsowejumpedonaboatandsailedtoheywhatsthatplacecalledwithalltheelephants..." Like, I know they were talking English but it was all running together, they were talking so quickly, and making absolutely no sense. LOL. Kids.

I'm sorry about the store burning down. Two years ago my all time favorite restaurant burned to the ground, a day before I was going to take my Dad (who was visiting) to try it out. They never rebuilt it. I was CRUSHED.

KFblogger said...

Damn that place sounded cool.

fishface said...

Your store burning down was actually on our news here in Texas! Well, at least it scrolled across the ticker on the bottom a few times. Made me think of your post :)

Alien said...

Fishface: REALLY?!? Are you serious? DANG! I didn't know it was THAT popular. LOL! That's pretty cool. (Not the fire. Just that it was on the news in Texas. LOL!)