Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Daily Recap (October 4th, 2006)

* Woke up and sent Hannah off to daycare with my mom.

* Got Grace ready for school by standing in the middle of her bedroom and doing a cheer, complete with leg kicks and "spirit fingers" to the tune of "I'm a Pepper. You're a Pepper. Wouldn't you like to be a Pepper too?" but substituting the word "Pepper" with "weiner". (Get your minds out of the gutter. She had put on her T-shirt which had a little gingham weiner dog on the front. Pigs.)

* Remembered I hate the whole concept of cheerleaders and stopped.

* While waiting at the bus stop, saw THE coolest, most perfect spider web I've ever seen in my life in a tree, complete with webstrings to other nearby trees and bushes. Grace and I were fascinated.

* Waved goodbye to Grace, came back inside and started busting ass on the spreadsheet that was due last week. [sigh]

* Continued working on it for hours, all the while thinking I should really vacuum the whole house again and possibly respray.

* Ignored myself again.

* Finally decided it had to be done for my own peace of mind.

* Drove to WalMart and bought 8 more vacuum bags (you're supposed to vacuum every day for 2 weeks straight after you spray), and 3 more cans of flea spray.

* Got in line and realized that the cashier is a friend of mine that is married to a guy I graduated with.

* Felt the need to explain my odd purchases to her, feeling all sorts of skanky the whole time because we have fleas.

* Realized that lots of non-skanky people have fleas and to get over myself.

* Discussed our mutual friends' upcoming baby shower and Halloween party.

* Just remembered after writing that that I'm supposed to email her all that information. Crap.

* Left WalMart and grabbed a Burger King crispy chicken salad on my way home.

* Got home, shoved the salad down my throat, and grudgingly got up to start the damn flea killing again.

* Began spraying and vacuuming the whole... damn... house again.

* After 5 minutes felt myself getting lightheaded and my throat getting scratchy from the fumes. Shit.

* Found Steve's big ass gas mask and put it on.

* Continued spraying while laughing at how stupid I probably looked.

* Briefly considered snapping a picture of myself to post here.

* Decided that would be stupid.

* Vacuumed and sprayed some more, all the while talking to the fleas... "C'mon out you little bastards. Suck in the gas you son of a bitches..."

* Realized that professional help may be in order (for me... not the fleas...)

* Finished and decided I needed some fresh air, so I headed outside for a cigarette. (LOL!)

* Got Grace off the bus, where I greeted her with the weiner cheer again.

* Wasn't sure how to respond when Grace "answered" me with her own little cheer another girl in school taught her. She said, "You. Me. Wait a minute. Put a little bone in it." I have NO clue what that's supposed to mean, nor do I know where the little girl learned it. But my mind immediately went to pervertive things and I became slightly disturbed, yet had to laugh at her.

* Heard all about the pep rally they had at school today and smiled to myself when Grace told me how excited she was that they got to high five the high school sports players on their way out of the pep rally.

* Hung with Grace for awhile before heading to my mom's to retrievethe little demon Hannah.

* Came home and played "store" with the girls. (I "bought" a book, a doll, and one Barbie walkie-talkie.)

* Read the newspaper and learned that The World's Largest General Store will indeed rebuild, the fall festival is still going on and was even yesterday right after the fire, and that until there's another building built, they're going to sell merchandise out of big tents on the property. And all employees have either been transferred (immediately) to the three other (smaller) satellite stores in other towns, or will be used at the old location in the tents. God, I love this town.

* Just heard on the news that this is mental illness awareness week.

* Realized that considering my life the past week or two, there could not be better timing.

* Waited in anticipation for the season premiere of Lost.

* Got my first glimpse of Sawyer a few minutes into the show and realized that there really isn't a more perfect speciman on the planet. Oh... my... god...

* Realized I might be seriously disturbed when I got a little turned on seeing him in that big wooden cage like an animal. (Did I mention it's mental illness awareness week?

* Just realized that there are 2 other people I told I'd email and haven't yet. God, I SUCK at this whole friendship thing. [sigh]


Mary said...

If I were you I'd throw my vaccuum off a cliff at this point.

Alien said...

Oh Mary, I am SO ready to. I already informed Steve that when this whole thing is said and done, I may not vacuum for weeks again. LOL! Every day, I contemplate skipping the whole process, but then I think about the bazillion little fleas and eggs I could suck up, and I do it. If I just had to run the vacuum over the carpets, it wouldn't be so bad. But it's not just that. It's getting out the hose attachment and vacuuming along ALL of the walls, ALL the furniture, etc. [sigh] It's killin' me. Blech.

Amber said...

Back off, bitchness! Sawyer is MINE!


Amber said...

P.S-- I would never make him work so hard for a biscuit.