Friday, October 20, 2006

Recap of the Day (October 20, 2006)...

Uh, sort of anyway. This may actually span a few days.

* We've seen a few more fleas in the house. Nothing to panic about, but it did mean I have to resume daily vacuuming for awhile and I had to respray the whole house again today. (sigh)

* Totally forgot about Salinger's vet appointment on Wednesday to get his blood sugar rechecked and see if the pills he's been taking are working for his diabetes. Crap. Need to reschedule that. (sigh)

* Have been having "issues" with my laptop where it suddenly decides to just shut off for no apparent reason. Lovely. (sigh)

* My free "Jessie's Girl" ring tone wouldn't download to my phone. (sigh)

* Decided my old ringtone was cool too. (The song goes... "Bartender, I really did it this time. Broke my parole to have a good time. When I got home, it was six AM. The door was locked so I kicked it in...") Snort! (Thanks Jenn!)

* Dropped over $100 at WalMart today, gathering "supplies" for Halloween costumes for Steve, Grace & Hannah. I had NO intention of spending that much, but I must say that Hannah and Grace are going to look adorable as a rock star and a punk rocker. I actually can't wait to see them all dressed up.

* Bought biker boots for Grace that were too small, so I had to take both girls to WalMart with me when they got home from school.

* Spent 20 minutes trying (fruitlessly) to convince Grace that the other black biker boots would look way cooler with her punk rocker costume than the Barbie pink cowboy boots she had decided on. (sigh)

* I lost. (sigh)

* Had to yell at Hannah to take her pants off when we got home because she was going to rip off the little beady-like things off the cuffs that I had just put on in order to "rock star them up."

* Had bought wigs for both girls (one black and one blonde) that were ridiculously cheesy and crappy upon opening them.

* Convinced them that the ponytail holders with the multi-colored fake braids attached would be way cooler. Especially sticking out of the black and pink newsboy hats I had bought them.

* I won.

* Although I LOVE that Grace has become extremely interested in words and how to spell them, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a little sick and tired of spelling words for her all... day... long...

* And even that wouldn't be so bad if she could write faster and I didn't have to respell the same word 85+ times in 5 minutes.

* Asked Steve if we can go to the Blues Traveler concert next month when they play literally right down the street.

* Got a whiny, "But that's a Monday night," as a response. I'm sorry, Hon. When did you turn 80? Because I think I missed that birthday. (rolling eyes) I'm not asking you to drive to another fucking state for the love of god...

* Just realized that as I sit here typing, Skid Row and Warrant are right down the street at the same place Blues Traveler will be playing at. God I had a crush on both lead singers. Do you think if I go hung out outside, that I could get a tour of the bus or something?

* By the way, as a side note, this place is the same place I saw Rick Springfield in concert three (or four) years ago, where I stood literally 20 feet from him and watched him perform "Jessie's Girl" live. (happy sigh)

* Remembered the ridiculous amount of middle-aged girls at that concert who still had feathered hair and tapered, acid-washed jeans. (And it was obvious that this is still regular, everyday attire for them and that they were not just dressed that way for the concert. Oy.)

* Realized I can no longer ignore my children this evening and that I really must go get their pajamas and get them the hell to bed on time. They are miserable (and driving me up a flippin' wall.)


Susan said...

Can't wait to see the girls in their costumes.

Man, if I lived close to you I'd go see Blues Traveler with you in a heartbeat.

Mary said...

That sucks about the ringtone...I can't download the Office theme to my phone because I don't have the websurfing option...and I don't want to pay $5 for a month, just to get that I suffer...

Go see Blues Traveler alone, I would :) Or I'd come with you and see if, if I could!

Chelle Y. said...

I hope you'll show up pictures of the girls in their costumes. What a cool mom you are! :)

beth said...

Somewhere between 30 and 35 mine turned 80, too. :-( I hope you can talk him into the concert.

The girl's costumes sound fabulous! Can't wait to see them.