Monday, August 18, 2008

Weekend (and Monday) Recap

I’m all about bulleted lists. It’s the tech writer in me. It makes things easier to read… keeps readers more interested… Etc. So we’re going to do it all again folks. Sit back, grab a drink, and enjoy the ride…

* Got a ton of stuff done on Saturday. Some inside the house… Some outside for the pig roast this weekend. It’s really happening, my friends. (I HATE the week leading up to it. There’s WAY too much to do!)

* Ordered the port-a-potty for the event. Because there’s no way in hell I’m letting 100+ people (most of them trashed off their asses) traipse in and out of my home to use our toilet. Nuh uh.

* Am a little bummed that none of my Internet friends are flying in for the roast this year, because that’s always fun. But also a little bit excited that I can just get drunk and act like a total ass with  my real-life friends and Steve’s family, who seriously are the best damn people in the world.

* Not that I can’t act like an ass in front of my Internet friends, mind you. But they can all go home and post on message boards and blogs what an ass I really was. No one in my town is smart enough to have figured out the Internet yet (except me), so I think I’m safe.

* I’m SHOCKED at how many new-comers we have coming this year. Some we hadn’t invited before so it’s there first time because it’s their first opportunity. Some just couldn’t make it the other 4 years and finally can. But seriously, over 40 of the guests that RSVP’ed (and I’m sure a bunch that didn’t) are pig roast virgins. Although I think that’s cool, it also adds a bit of pressure to make it “that much better” this year. Dammit.

* We’re pretty sure this is going to be our biggest turnout yet. This is both cool and stressful in many, many ways. I seriously wish I could clone myself (twice… maybe thrice) to help me get done what needs to get done in the next 4 days. ACK! People have NO clue how much preparation goes into this thing. And for the most part, it’s just Steve and I doing it, with a few friends thrown in here and there occasionally helping, and in addition to our jobs, the kids, events, life, etc. WHY do we do this again? Someone remind me…

* “Thrice” is SUCH a dumb, stupid, made up sounding word.

* Hannah had kindergarten orientation tonight and she is SO excited to start kindergarten on Monday! Her teacher seems awesome and I know some of the parents of the kids in her class, so it should be a good year.

* Laughed my ASS off (actually, that would probably be a good thing. It’s a damn shame we can’t really do that, huh?) when Steve’s aunt called me out of the blue today, asking if “I heard their big news!” She sounded so excited that I assumed her daughter (Steve’s cousin) got engaged or someone was pregnant or something. But nope. She was calling just to tell me that her son and his totally psychotic wife are getting a divorce after less than a year. This is a GOOD thing. But the woman has never called me a day in her life. And then she called to tell me about her son’s divorce and I could just HEAR the woman smiling. LOL! Steve's family rules.

* We’re pretty sure Alien Baby #3 is going to occur. (Or at least be attempted.) What the FUCK is wrong with me? I must be seriously insane… Sigh.

OK. Off to do Internet searches on party canopies/tents. Because, you know, waiting until 4 days before the actual event is to take place is always the smart thing to do. (Goddammit, Steve!!! Grumble grumble.)


Mary said...

Can we start betting on when it will make its apperance? I bet you have it before June....

it could be a pig roast baby!

I'm sure it's going to be bigger and better than ever!!

Farmer*swife said...

I wish DH would let me/us have one more baby, making our life "thrice" more fun. [I like new made up words.]

But, alas, we have one boy and one girl and he built me a house. And, I just got a Mac LT...

So, no complaining, but it'd be kinda' nice to have "thrice" around! ;-)

Happy Pig Roast!

kmf said...

Happy Piggy Roast Alison! Wish I could go, I have "drunk off my ass" down to a science. Just ask the guests at the wedding we attended last Sat. nite. I don't remember going home, and I fell...somewhere...not sure how many times, but I can barely walk today my back is so sore, and mystery bruises are showing up everywhere! I vaguely remember trying to wash my makeup off in the bathroom when we got home, smacked my head off the countertop reaching for my cotton balls, and that's all she wrote! lol!!

I didn't vote for a baby or a puppy because I think you should do both and there wasn't a choice for that.

Allison said...

LOL KMF! Dear god, are you trying to KILL me? BOTH?!? HELL no! LOL!

And I love hearing about other (supposed) adults that get trashed off their asses. It makes me feel better. LOL!

Chelle Y. said...

It's Pig Roast Time again? It seems like I just read about the last one. :)

Have fun!

hepmomto3 said...

WOW!! I thought you were kidding on the board about another baby. How cool!! Go for it girl!