Saturday, August 02, 2008

Attention Blog Owners!!!!

After an hour my poor friend spent trying to help me fix my IE issue, I just found this post online:

It's been happening to EVERYONE today and it's happening on blogs that have a Site Meter installed on their blog. That link up there will explain it all. There IS a work around apparently:

"To fix IE7: Click on the menu Tools -> Internet Options. Click on the tab Security. Click on the icon Restricted Sites. Click on the button Sites. Type the text '*' (without quotes). Click the Add button. That will fix the problem."

But may I personally suggest that you get the hell out of Internet Explorer as fast as you can!!! I switched to Firefox awhile ago and won't ever look back. Ever. Firefox RULES!

Anyway, so if anyone else out there has a Site Meter running on their blog, you may want to disable it for now. Or lots of people may not be able to read your blog.


Mary said...

Well if I could use firefox all the time, I would. but the darn hospital only has IE. boo.

I guess I should just be happy that blogs aren't blocked since almost everything else is (myspace, facebook, limits on message boards, "personal storage sites" ie shutterfly/webshots)

Carrie said...

Stupid Site Meter!! LOL