Thursday, August 14, 2008

Total Drive-By

The past few days have been nuts. Just busy. Pig roast stuff… work stuff… normal kid/family stuff… etc. So this is a quick post. Steve’s aunt and uncle from Florida (whom I adore), as well as their kids and Steve’s grandmother came up from Florida for the week. Tonight, we all met up at Steve’s dad’s house. In the span of just 4 hours I managed to:

* Find out my sister-in-law (yes, that one) has started drinking every night. (You GO girl! Maybe that’s why she’s been tolerable the last few times I’ve been around her. LOL!)

* Get my period suddenly, resulting in me having to “steal” a tampon from my FIL’s girlfriend’s daughter.

* Hear about a bunch of other people coming to the pig roast this year. (Cool!)

* Tell my father-in-law that Steve is his mini-me, which is both good and very bad in many, many ways (but which made my FIL happy, so I guess that part is good.)

* Show off my belly piercing to various family members, telling them all that the best way to overcome a mid-life crises is to get something pierced.

* Finally get my poor kids home and in bed by 11:00 tonight, which is way, WAY past their normal bedtime.

* Talk to my SIL (in a round-about way) about sex and how over half of our married friends complain about only getting it once a month. I’m sorry, but if you’re seriously only having sex 12 times a year, something’s wrong with the marriage. Period.

* In that same conversation, I noticed that both BIL and SIL didn’t seem to agree with me or indicate that they’re having it more often than that, so now I, of course, am convinced that their sex life sucks, which, for reasons that are beyond my ability to explain, has made me rather glib and gloaty. <--- Totally just made that word up.

* Have decided that a third Alien baby is just what this world needs. Don’t you think? Hannah and Grace could really use a younger brother or sister as far as I’m concerned. Either that or a puppy. Feel free to comment on which you think would benefit the world more. Puppies can be cute and all. But another child that could possibly support/care for us when we’re old and gray would certainly benefit us more. Thoughts? Vote in the poll over there in my sidebar. Seriously. I’m the type that would make a life-altering decision like that based on what random people on the internet thing. Go nuts.

(P.S. – If I plan it right, the third child would also be born in June (like the first two) and we could still have the pig roast next summer and I could still be the reining champion of beer pong. Tink SWEARS her and Hoop are coming up next year, so I can't be pregnant and not drinking should that happen. So it’s all good.) ;)


Mary said...

Dude you should have another kid. And what would be REALLY screwed up is if I had another kid. Then all 3 kids each of us had would be evenly spaced...

But we're not having another, we got the pups instead!

September said...

Definitely have a baby!! I'm all in favor of babies as long as they're being birthed, fed and housed by someone else. I'm perfectly willing to drop by once in a while with a loud and obnoxious toy that eats batteries, though (and I know that contribution will definitely tip you guys in the baby direction).

Seriously, guys would be great parents to another little ankle-biter.

If you want maternity stuff let me know. I was just about to donate them, but I'd *much* rather give $1,000 of clothing to someone I actually knew, and it's all from back when I actually cared how I looked, lol. Let me know if you want me to pull them out of the donate pile (I think they're picking up in two weeks).

geenalyn said...

You totally need to have another Alien baby....boy girl doesn't matter (although i think a boy would be kick ass)

Carrie said...

Ah YEAH!! The world most definitely needs another Alien baby!! Now I'm all excited for you and Steve. LOL! I think you'd be a great boy-mama. But three girls would be pretty great, too.

Funny, I was almost thinking I could go for another one too...but only if someone else raised it from newborn to 12 months and then handed it back. LOL.

Susan's 365 said...

I totally think another Alien baby would rock. Boy or girl...doesn't matter. Although I could totally see you as a mom to a little boy.

Allison said...

FYI: I would TOTALLY not care the gender of the baby. This wouldn't be to "try for a boy." It would be "to try for another kid. Hopefully, one that isn't as diva-like as Hannah or as stubborn as Grace. But other than that, we'd be golden. ;)

Kelly said...

If I ever did try for a 3rd child I would totally want it to be another June baby. I say go for it!

jeanne_bean said...

Go for it! Parents of three kids rock!

Tink said...

YES, you should have another baby! The world can never have enough Alien spawn. Hm. Not quite as endearing as I'd planned that to sound.

I've already told Hoop (TWICE) that we're going next year. He finally told me to shut up and just book the tickets. *CHEESE* Now to brush up on my pong skillz.

Allison said...

DID EVERYONE HEAR THAT?!?!? Hoop and Tink are coming to next year's pig roast!!! (You may have just inadvertently doubled our guest list. LOL!)

Tink said...

Pfft. Shut up.