Saturday, August 09, 2008

Busy Day Ahead

Well, it’s Saturday. Around here, that usually means a busy day for us. Sometimes, we just have lots of places to go. Others, we have no where to go, but then we’re home, which means cleaning, getting things done, etc.

Last Saturday, I busted some serious ass in our downstairs, going through all of the toys, steam cleaning the carpets, etc. This Saturday, I’m going to attempt to tackle the upstairs. This will be no easy task, which you would know if you could see the girls’ bedrooms. Just trust me. It won’t be fun. So after I post this, I’m heading up to put laundry away, pick things off the floor, go through old clothing, and finally, god willing, steam clean the carpets up there too. Should be fun. Not.

Anyway, I had a chance to work on some photos yesterday that I had taken over the past week. Um, enjoy? LOL!

This is Hannah in her ducky towel. Hannah doing this cracked Grace up for a good hour. LOL!

Just Ducky


Grace, daydreaming about something…



The girls decided to get their umbrellas out to play in the sprinklers. Weird kids I have…

Umbrellas and Sunshine 2

Umbrellas and Sunshine


Steve, working on grinding the rust and old paint off of the old coal stoker we’ll be putting in our basement to replace the oil furnace we have. (He’s using paint thinner and other chemicals, which explains the gas mask. LOL!)

Hard Working Man


Hannah putting her rubber boots on to go play in our stream.

Hannah and Her Boots

Hannah and Her Boots

Hannah and Her Boots


And finally, a shot of my girls’ boots. It makes me sad they won’t be able to fit in them much longer. They grow up so fast.

My Daughters' Boots

Enjoy your Saturday everyone! I’ll be back later! :)

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kmf said...

LOVE the pics! Esp. of your dd in those boots and the boots themselves. I so hope you do a fab LO of them. Did you use a preset on those? wow! fantastic!