Thursday, August 07, 2008

I’m Getting There…

OK. I promise this post won’t be all sad and stuff. My friend’s death just really put me in a weird place yesterday. I’m still in that place, but I’m OK with being in that place for now. My parents and I are going to her viewing tomorrow night, and I know it’s going to be insanely sad and difficult and depressing and life-altering. But, at the very least, it will help me realize (yet again) that life is short and I should do what I can with it while I still have it. So, I’ll move on…

The first round of pig roast invitations went out today. The second round will go out tomorrow after I look up about 8 billion more addresses. And I have a good 60 or 70 to send out via email (which is WAY easier than this snail mail shit). I can’t believe it’s in only a few weeks. We’re so screwed. We always have soooo much to do to prepare for it, and once you throw in my deadlines at work and the fact that I need to start getting the girls geared up for school (starting 2 days after the pig roast), and I’m up a shit crick (<—this is where Tracey laughs because NO ONE around here says “creek.” It’s “crick.” And this amuses her in ways I didn’t think were possible). But somehow, we’ll pull it out of our asses and do what we have to do to get everything ready.

I’m pretty pumped about it this year. We’ve got a lot of new-comers coming this year. People that were never here before that I hope will have fun. And between the guy we hired to sing, my hairdresser and his boyfriend, and the guy I work with and his boyfriend, it could turn into a Gay Pride festival. But it’s all good. We own lots of guns, so if any of the local rednecks give them trouble, we’ll just dig into our stash and start blasting buckshot into their asses, while the rest of us do shots and wave our rainbow flags. As long as everyone’s drunk, it’s a good night, right?

I hooked up with a bunch of old college friends on Facebook today. That was cool. I haven’t talked to most (any?) of them since graduation, and judging by their photos and the messages they've written on my Wall, they really haven’t changed much at all, which is cool. It’s funny, because whenever I get an “invitation” from one of those sites (Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.), my mind immediately flashes to a funny incident I had with that person… Like the HUGE argument I got into with Bob, the real-life incarnation of Alex P. Keaton from Family Ties. We were seriously ready to swing at each other, but for the life of me, I can’t remember what the hell we were pissed about. LOL!… And Lee, who I went home to Connecticut with during one college break and met her hilarious friend. We went bowling, and her friend typed “Asswipe” in as her name. When questioned, she said it was pronounced “Ass-WE-pay”, with a French accent. I almost pissed myself laughing… And how Gary absolutely ADORED Madonna and did the best impersonation of her from that video where she wore the big cone boob thing. Ahhh… the good ol’ days. I’d love if I could get the whole gang of us (and there were a lot of us) back together again and just shoot the shit. It would be awesome.

But let’s not dwell on the past. Let’s look ahead to the future. For example, let’s take a look at a rather small portion of my To Do list for tomorrow:

* Email Cay and make up an excuse for why we can’t come visit her (90 miles away) on Sunday.

* Finish the online help system for work.

* Call Steve’s insurance company and have them fax Steve’s business Proof of Insurance to various contractors.

* Find some new songs to download. I’m sick of the ones I have. <— (This one is time-permitting.)

* Run to WalMart and print out another 50 pig roast invitations.

* Look up a shitload of address so I can mail the aforementioned invitations.

* Affix address labels to the shitload of invitations.

* Run to the post office to grab another 60 postcard stamps to put on the shitload of invitations.

* Compose and send an email (with the pig roast invitation attached) to anyone with addresses in my Gmail Contacts folder.

* Laundry. Dear god, the laundry… [shaking head]

* Clean the entire upstairs so I can steam clean the carpets up there before my sister asks for demands her steam cleaner back.

* Drive the 15 miles to Hannah’s doctor so I can have them fill out the physical form she’s required to have to start kindergarten, and of which I knew nothing about.

* Drop off pig roast invitations at the hair salon for my hair dresser and two women that work there.

* Attend a viewing for a girl who was WAY too young to die. :(

And on that note, I’m outta here.Sigh. I think I should go to bed. Later gang.


megg said...

Hello there! I've just found you blog and started reading and have been happily reading for a few minutes now! I started because I understand about your friend. I lost a dear old friend a couple of weeks ago and I can relate to your post so much! Then I kept reading - I have enjoyed it here!! I'm going to keep reading! It's very nice to meet you!!!

Tink said...

You need new music? Why didn't you tell me sooner! Do you have any Spoon? LOVE them. Coldplay's new CD is pretty good too. Here are my recent favorite songs:

"Farewell" by Greg Laswell
"Hook Me Up" by The Veronicas
"Buy a Dog" by Luce
"Let Down" by Bif Naked
"Ladybug Waltz" by Bif Naked
"How We Breathe" by Pinback

Need more?

Farmer*swife said...

Hey Gal. We lost a dear friend several years ago...the one who actually introduced me to my DH.

He also farmed. He was so full of life. He took up "Ultra-light Flying." Well, we all scolded him about the dangers.

And, dangit...if he didn't die doing it. CRUSHING.

[Secretly, we always had a pact. That, by the time he was 40 (and I'd be about 30 at that point), if we weren't married? We'd marry each other...]

I never told anyone that pact.

He knew though, that DH and I would end up hitched forever. He'd always say, with his sweet Southern Drawl, "Hey Gal...let me see that Paw?"

He was looking for a ring...and, no, he didn't think I was a dog.

That's just how he spoke/talked. LOL!