Monday, August 04, 2008

My Little, um... Model?

So yesterday, I was cleaning the house like it’s never been cleaned before. Steve spent the entire day down in the garage, grinding the rust off of a coal stoker we’re going to install before the winter (oil is too expensive anymore).

So at one point, the girls decided they wanted to go hang out "down back" with Daddy. Awesome. We told them that if they had any plans to go into the stream, that they needed to wear their fishing boots. I also told Hannah she had to change her clothing, since she was wearing good stuff.

So off she goes upstairs and came down about 15 minutes later (clothing decisions are always hard for her... LOL!). She looked, um, interesting? {shaking head} The kid kills me. Here's her attire for a day in the yard...

Interesting Outfit

After I took this first photo, she told me she wanted to "pose." No shock there. The kid LOVES the camera and works it like it's her job.

Pose 2

Pose 1

Um, I need to work with her on what constitutes a "cool" pose I think, no? LOL!


Susan's 365 said...

You are in trouble my friend...LOL.

hepmomto3 said...

Snicker. Oh poor Steve.

Chelle Y. said...

Haha, does someone watch "Top Model" in that house? :)

She's so great! I agree with hepmomto3. Poor, Steve!

Kelly said...

Those are so cute! You should make a story board of those. Show them to her when she's 16.

LotoFoto said...

She's a character.
I can't wait for the teen stories ;)

(Hey, thanks for jumping off your blog feeder to comment on my photoblog today!)

kmf said...

hehehehe...what a little personality. Love the outfit.