Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I honestly don’t know where to begin…

So much has happened in the past few days! The pig roast… the kids started school… etc. So we’re going to do multiple posts here. And I’m going to be completely lazy and just copy/paste portions of stuff I’ve already written about each “event” on other message boards, sites, in emails, etc. So some of you have already read this word for word. For that, I apologize. But it’s midnight and I’m tired, so you’re just going to have to deal. LOL!

So here goes. First, we’ll discuss the pig roast. It was our 5th one and I must say, our best so far. We had a TON of new people show up, which was awesome!

The days leading up to it are always busier and more stressful then the day itself. However, it's also when I take more pictures. LOL!

The girls got dirty while Steve built things and I took pictures. LOL!


Dirty Girl

Building the Tent

Building the Tent

Building the Tent

Building the Tent

The day of, we woke up and it was non-stop ALL DAY LONG until people started showing up. Here's Steve pulling the meat off the pig about an hour before the people started arriving. Pork Puller

Here's about a quarter of the people that were there that day. The rest were either in the garage, playing volleyball, playing horseshoes, etc. Pig Roast Gang

And here's Jason. We LOVE Jason. We hired him to sing, but he became more of a friend before the pig roast. Here he is showing us what a freak he is. LOL!

Pig Roast Freak

That was one of the last pictures I took that day. LOL! Because right after I took this, Jason started playing. The girls watched him play 3 or 4 songs and were beat, so my parents took them home for the night. That's when I immediately whipped out the beer pong table and started getting my drinking groove on. The next few hours are a blur.

I played a billion games of beer pong, taught two rather old guys how to play beer pong, did shots, almost puked, held it in, told my FIL and step-FIL at one point that I think Steve's brother & the wife only have sex once a month (DOH! LOL!), yelled at the couple that I KNOW had sex in the port-a-potty (Ewwwww!) while also high-fiving them, played Flip Cup, taught another old guy how to play Flip Cup, received a Longaberger tote bag as a hostess gift (YAY for cool guests! LOL!), said a bunch of stupid things, talked to Rory's ex-boyfriend for a good hour asking him what the HELL he was thinking dating her (LOL!), and apparently told everyone that Steve and I are having another baby (although that part is hazy to me). LOL! Oy.

Seriously though, all in all, we had a freakin' BLAST! It's soooo much work, but I think this year it was actually worth it for a change. :)

I will say that I think, after 5 years, Steve and I have finally fallen into a "groove" with our pig roast. We had about 30 or 40 new-comers this year and they all had an absolute blast! I even had my gay hairdresser and his boyfriend here. LOL! If I would've heard one more person say, "There's so much FOOD!" I might have goen ballistic. LOL!

We had the pig (in various different sauces and one with sauerkraut), 3 deep-fried turkeys, potato bacon soup, hot wing dip, pierogies, baked ziti, meatballs, parsley potatoes, a HUGE Caesar salad, about 60 sandwiches on rolls, red beet eggs, brownies, ambrosia, cakes, a huge apple pie on a cookie sheet, macaroni salad, sauerkraut salad, 2 different pasta salads, macaroni and cheese, and about 20 other different foods. It was seriously insane. And what's REALLY insane is that the next day, ALL we had left was some brownies, about 10 sandwiches, and one freezer Ziplock bag of pork. Just crazy. (And no, Steve and I didn't make all that food, but definitely over half of it.)

We kicked 3.5 kegs of beer (halves... not quarters) and lots of people weren't even drinking the beer!

All of Steve's aunt and uncles (some that hadn't come before) were just amazed at what was here. People were showing up with 5 or 6 friends and family members that we didn't even know. And those people left here asking us when next year's is. Steve's one aunt and uncle kept telling Steve's mom afterwards that next year, she's making sure ALL of her (adult) kids come. And how she had no idea how much better it's gotten since 2 years ago (the last time she was at one).

It was just SO much fun! And my god, there is no WAY anyone left here hungry. LOL! I'm glad it was a good one though, because Steve and I were just about ready to call it quits after this one. It is so, so, SO much work to get everything ready. (People seriously have no idea how much time and effort we (especially Steve) put into it.) And people would be shocked to find out how much money we spend on it every year (although this year, quite a few people asked us outright. LOL!). We charged $5.00 a head for the first time this year and still ONLY made enough to cover the pig and the rental of the roaster. Everything else was all on us. And that's fine. But we weren't sure if we were going to do it again.

Now we KNOW we're going to do it again. Because we had so, so many people tell us since this past weekend that they're already lining up babysitters for next year, that we think there would be a riot if we decided not to have it. LOL!

I’m sure other random stories will come to me here and there over the next few days… but that’s pretty much it in a nutshell.

Oh, and Tink, I expect to see your ass in these pictures next year! Third Saturday in August. Book now. ;)


LotoFoto said...

omg the FOOD!
It sounds so good!

I know how much work that is... thus the reason I don't entertain LOL!

geenalyn said...

i've totally got to get things arranged so i can show up again next year...this time i'll bring the hubby...leave the kids with the inlaws...

Tink said...

You better have it! I've already told Hoop three times, totally breaking my rule that I won't repeat things for him anymore. Lol.