Wednesday, December 13, 2006

I'm it.

OK. So I was tagged by both Gracey and Odd Mix for this, so I'm gonna do it. (Not because it takes two people to tag me for something to make me do it... but because the guilt was just getting to me. LOL!)

Six Weird Things About Me...

1. I have weird thumbs. If I hold my hand up flat (like a traffic cop signaling to stop), I can bend my thumb back (without aid of my other hand) so that it's actually horizontal in comparison to the rest of my fingers. If I use my other hand, I can bend it so far back that it points completely down. (I'll post pictures tomorrow since my skills at describing things in words are failing me right now.)

2. Like Odd Mix, fingernails on a blackboard don't affect me at all. But the sounds of anyone chewing, slurping, eating, drinking, etc. their food, literally gives me a chill and I want to hurl. I cannot stand to hear the things going on in other people's mouths.

3. I truly, truly adore my mother-in-law. (That's weird, isn't it? It seems weird based on conversations with friends anyway... LOL!) And really, how can you not love a woman who shits in her sister's neighbor's bushes and gets caught, right?

4. I get great satisfaction from popping zits. Mine... someone else's... it doesn't matter. Seeing those little mini volcanoes erupt make me giddy.

5. I can remember things like birthdays, anniversaries, names, phone numbers, etc. immediately, and if you tell me once I'll never forget it. But even though I was an English major, the second I read the last page of a book, I can't remember a damn thing about the story or who wrote it. I could literally re-read a book halfway through before I realized I had just read it a month ago.

6. I think passing gas is hilarious. I crack up when I do it (even when I'm alone), when other people do it, etc. I think people that are offended by it are just not much fun. What's not to like? The sound alone is hilarious. Throw in some offensive odors and you've got yourself a party in your ass.


Melissa said...

Code Brown in a stuffy classroom with 30 12 year olds is not funny. Not funny at all. ;)

Gracey said...

I'm glad the guilt finally got to you! :) I like to pop zits too!! I try to sneak a fast one on my husband and then he gets pissed at me for "hurting" him. What a wimp! :)

OddMix said...

# 6 made me chuckle. But your MIL story had me crying with laughter!

Anonymous said...

You're too cool! I still laugh at #6, and I am suppose to be "grown up" now!

My sister is a zit popper too!


Tink said...

Crap!! I was tagged too and totally forgot to post. I might get around to it three weeks later... Hey, maybe by then people will have forgotten about it and will think it's something new and clever huh?

Yeah, anyway...

I want pictures of your hand thing. I can bend my fingers (without the aid of the other hand) back into a bowl shape. AND I can actually drink out of it.

Amber said...

LMAO! "A part in your as"!! Oh my gosh, that is so fucking funny. Hell yeah! LOL

I also am a zit popper, man. Poor Kory can not get away from me. Sometimes picking anything that might be on his back is a sex requirement. Ha! Sick, I know.


beth said...