Sunday, December 03, 2006

I Scared the Little Bastard...

LOL! And by little bastard, I mean the mouse I scared back into the hole in the wall with the thrown container of Clorox wipes. We haven't seen hide nor hair of the little shit since my perfect toss and no more mice have been caught in the mouse trap. I'm convinced I either gave him a heart attack and he died as soon as he ran into the wall. Or, he learned his lesson and went down into the depths of our basement and told all his little mouse friends that a psycho lady lives upstairs and they should avoid me if at all possible. Either way, as long as the little shits stay where I can't hear or see them, it's all good. I'm a firm supporter of segregation of rodents and humans. They can live here... just don't let me know it, ya know?

I still haven't started Christmas shopping. I suck. And what REALLY sucks is that everyone in the free world has asked me what to get the girls for Christmas and I gave them ideas. Except now, there's nothing left for me to get them. [sigh] Grace is getting a digital camera (the Fisher Price one), a GameBoy, a stuffed dog that licks you, and an MP3 player (and a million other presents)... all from OTHER people. Hannah's getting a karaoke machine, a Leapster (so she won't fight for Grace's GameBoy), a doll that poops, and an MP3 player. Again... all from OTHER people. So what does that leave me to get her? My poor kids will bound down the stairs on Christmas morning to find some clothing and some art stuff. LOL!

Although, tonight Daddy sat down with them and went through the Cabela's catalog, asking them what they wanted [shaking head]. Grace picked a backpack with a hunting dog on it, a gun that shoots pellets (um, yeah... not gonna happen), and anything else she saw with an animal on it (which is almost everything in the Cabela's catalog). Hannah wants a kid's archery set. [sigh] Crap. EVERY freaking holiday and birthday, someone else in the family is the "hero" that gets the girls that one gift that they really, really want. And then there's me. LOL!

Oh well. I guess I should feel blessed that so many people love the kids and are able to give them things that they enjoy. But my kids will grow up thinking that Santa totally sucks at giving them gifts, but Grandma, Nana, Pappy, Aunt Kristin, and Uncle Kyle kick ass. LMAO!

I suppose that instead of sitting here blogging, I should be surfing the net, looking for cool, creative gifts for my children, no? And I'm off...


mamatulip said...

I haven't started either. Well, I've grabbed a few things, but nothing substancial. I wanted to be done by now, too...but that was back in August.

An archery set? Are you serious? LMAO. That's awesome. I'll bet her aim would be deadly.

Kim: The Mom, The Myth said...

We had a mouse in my basement when I was a kid once. My mom made my dad go get traps, and as he was setting them into the dropped ceiling--where the little bastard was running around--he started yelling, "Heeeeeeeere Henry!"

My mom says, "Henry?"

My dad says, "Yeah. The mouse."

My mom sighs. "Take the traps out. Now you've named him. We can't kill him."

So Henry zipped across our dropped ceiling for several more weeks--which is really hysterical if there are light panels in the ceiling and you can see these little feet scurring around--until my dad opened the door to the outside one day for another reason, and he zipped out and back into the woods.

Bye, Henry.

OddMix said...

See, you have a couple of little budding hunters, too!

Having lots of loved ones to stock the tree can be quite a blessing! And clothes are good, too. At least my daughters think so.

Thanks for stopping by. You can tell your husband I uses a Mossberg 12ga pump with magnum 00 buck for deer. I use iron sights - no scope. The cut was from taking a shot at a deer coming up behind me and I could not get in position without scaring it away, so I shot with my face against the receiver and the stock under my arm. Tell him not to laugh too hard - I got the deer.

As far as the mindset goes - I hunt for one reason, only. Meat in the freezer. I'm not knocking sport hunters - I just don't see the point.

Alien said...

LOL Oddmix! See? I don't see the point either. My husband kind of does it for both reasons. He just loves being up on the mountain and in the woods. He loves tracking and looking for signs, etc. They sit on one mountain and shoot the animals across the river on the other mountain. He's into that long range thing.

But the whole family enjoys some good venison and bear meat too. (Not me so much... but everyone else. LOL!) He's kind of picky about what animals he shoots, which I suppose is good.

I'll have to tell him what you did when he gets home tonight from trekking around on the mountain again in the freezing cold. Freak, I tell ya. ;)

Chelle Y. said...

I had a mouse "friend" for the longest time. I have not see or heard from him in a few days, so I am wondering if he died somewhere. I am so sick of finding mouse poop all over my house! :)

Your girls are totally cool! A pellet gun and archery set? So, cool!

Kim said...

You're lucky that your family bought the girls all of that. That stuff is expensive! LOL!

I live about 1/2 mile from Cabela's. I'm so glad that my husband is not a hunter or we'd REALLY be broke. LOL!

Melissa said...

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Quincy wrote that...I have no idea what he is trying to tell you. ;)

OddMix said...

Now, see. If you were a hunter you'd get out the old Red Rider and there'd be no throwing of wipes needed!

OK, I'm just kidding. I hope your husband brought home some good food.

Gracey said...

If the mouse died, you will soon be smelling it. There was a mouse that died in between our walls in one of the closest, and let me just tell you this....You will know when it has died!! LOL! It was disgusting and we couldn't do a dang thing about it unless we knocked the walls down to get rid of the body.

I can't wait to hear the stories when the girls get the Karoake machine and the archery set! Look out Everyone!!! :)

Tink said...

This is the part where you "live and learn" girl. Next year? Don't give anyone any ideas. Tell them to send money. Or chintzy crap that will make your gift look like gold.

Alien said...

LOL Tink! Great idea in theory. The problem is that BOTH of our entire families live within about 5 miles of us. LOL! So they all see the girls and know them as well as we do. So when holidays roll around, THEY come up with really good ideas and stuff BEFORE the girls even ask for stuff and then I'm left with the crap to buy. LMAO!