Saturday, December 09, 2006

Please pray for Steve...

(Don't worry. Nothing's wrong with him. Don't want to start any sort of panic or anything.)

But see, today is the last day of buck season. It's been two weeks now and today is either do or die. Steve's been up at 3:00 AM every morning for three weeks straight now (the first week was bear hunting season) and wasn't getting home until around 8:30, when he'd immediately pass out on the recliner. He hasn't seen a worthy buck in all those days. He saw a bunch of doe, and although it's legal to shoot doe right now too, Steve has a soft spot for the women-folk and rarely, if ever shoots them. He's also seen two pathetically small buck, one of which wasn't even legal to shoot (it must have 3 points on one side of its antlers to make it legal).

If he doesn't see and shoot one today, this will only be the second year in 20 years that he won't get a buck. His dad and his friend haven't seen or shot one either, which would mean a year without deer jerky. Now I don't care about the lack of jerky, but many others in the family will.

But beyond the meat factor, is the pride thing. To put so much time, effort and energy into something and then end up empty handed would suck, wouldn't it? He claimed last night that he honestly doesn't care and that if he doesn't get one, well, he doesn't get one. I do believe him a little bit. But for the love of god people, I will have to go a full YEAR hearing repeatedly how deer season sucked... and how the deer just aren't around this year... and how so-and-so got one, but so-and-so didn't... and how he's just going to give up hunting (which will NEVER happen by the way)... etc. etc. It's bad enough hearing the same stories over and over about what animals he DID get. I certainly don't want to hear about non-existant deer.

So pray. Pray hard. Pray for him and pray for me. LOL! He has until dark tonight (about 5:00) to see a deer and shoot the little f*cker. SHOOT STEVE! SHOOT!

UPDATE: It's 5:30 PM here and pitch dark. I've received no calls from an excited Steve saying he made a kill. Shit. I am going to hear about this for months people... possibly until next year. [sigh] Would anyone like a roommate for the next year? I don't eat much.

(Disclaimer: If you happen to be one of those people that doesn't agree with hunting, well, sorry. I have no problem with it (if done legally and if the meat is actually eaten). It's a big thing around here and it's Steve's greatest passion. So any (rude) comments posted about how Steve's cruel and we suck will be answered (rudely). Light-hearted jokes about Bambi and all that other stuff are fine. I never liked that movie anyway...)


Mary said...

I hope he gets one!

my clinical instructor is a bow hunter, and he didn't get a deer or elk this year. He was pretty bummed. I think he could still hunt right now, but he just had rotator cuff surgery on his shoulder, so he's out til next year.

Go steve go! Get a big buck!

September said...

Poor Steve...though it is good to know that he doesn't want to hurt a woman, even if it's the four-legged variety.

When we lived in Oregon (until I was 10) everyone LIVED for hunting season. My father tried to get into the spirit of things but his friends stopped inviting him when they realized that whenever he had a deer within range he would shoot over its head on purpose so he wouldn't have to kill it.