Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Catch Up...

In the past two days, I...:

* Made hamburgers out of last year's ground up bear meat. This repulses me in ways you will never know. Not necessarily because it was bear meat. ALL raw meat grosses me out and I HATE touching it. I gag. I retch. But Steve oh-so-kindly asked me to cook 'em up while he was hunting all day so that he could have something to take with him to eat the next day when he went hunting. [sigh] I really am too nice to him.

* Had Grace tell me that for show-and-tell, she wanted me to come into her classroom, poop in my pants (just once), and leave. [shaking head] Obviously, she was kidding, but seriously... that kid has some serious, serious issues.

* In the same breath, she's come home with two awards this week. One for "spreading holiday cheer" by helping her friend recycle paper in class, and one is a Computer Achievement Certificate for recognition of computer and listening skills. So this leads me to believe that she has multiple personalities since it's hard to imagine the child I know getting awards for the things mentioned above. LOL!

* Still haven't seen anymore rodent friends. This is a good thing. I really do think that mouse I scared the other day has spread the word and all of the mice are staying out of sight.

* Had to intervene when Hannah got pissed, picked up her doll's highchair, and whacked Grace over the head with it all WWF style. Sweet and innocent, my ass. Where do people get that idea? [sigh]

* Realized my mother-in-law's birthday is Friday. Of course, since my darling husband leaves the house at 4:00 AM every morning to go hunting and doesn't get home until almost 9:00 at night, that leaves ME to go find her a birthday present. Dammit. This happens every flippin' year. Would it be wrong to just wrap up one of our old coffee mugs that doesn't have any cracks or chips and tell her it's new? LOL!

And now, I must go work. Like actually work. I've been putting it off for days and some people are going to start getting really pissed off if I don't send them some sort of document soon. [sigh] Later...


Tink said...

So that's your talent hm? Pooping in your pants in front of an audience? I learn new things about you every week girl! Way to keep it real. ;)

As for the MIL... Gift card. Pick one up at whatever store you hit next. Even if it's just Walmart.

Amber said...

*snicker* Your kid is funny...*snicker* Poop in your pants for show and tell. I like her.


Chelle Y. said...

Your comment about Grace made me laugh at loud! That is just too funny! What an imagination!

I hate touching meat too! Blech!

Gracey said...

What a life you lead!! Pooping in your pants, showing it to your kid's class, and cooking year old, I wish I was you. :)