Thursday, September 07, 2006

Quick bulleted update (because I'm lazy like that)...

  • Grace has settled into kindergarten just fine. Although I think she's bored in some of the classes (like computers) because she already knows most of the stuff, overall, she's loving it.
  • Yesterday, in the middle of class, she yanked her own loose tooth out. [shaking head] The kid scares me.
  • Steve's organic kick is getting worse and I pretty much get lectured for every damn thing I put in my mouth. (And yet, he NEVER brings up the fact that I smoke. Damn idiot.)
  • Hannah is still the spawn of the devil and if I have to deal with one more drama queen episode/temper tantrum/holy fit, I may have to adopt her out.
  • We're going with my parents and taking the kids on an overnight trip this Saturday to Sunday. Two days without nicotene. God help us all. (Although it's better than the three days the original trip was supposed to be.)
  • Steve wants to either sell or burn our house and property. This is brought on by the horrendous amount of mold he's found behind the drywall in the downstairs of our rental bungalow in the backyard. He's been working out down there daily for about 3 years now, so he's now convinced he's going to die. [rolling eyes]
  • I just got home from getting my hair cut (first time in 6 months) and highlighted (first time in about a year and a half). I'm feeling all sorts of pretty. Snort!
  • Big Steelers game tonight! WOOHOO! That means take-out wings and beer my friends. Ahhhh....

Other than that, it's the same ol' same ol' around here. I'm really going to try to blog more often again. I kind of miss it.


Belynda said...

We miss you, too!

Post a pic of your "all sorts of pretty" hairdo!! Can't wait to see it!

Chelle Y. said...

You'll have to post a picture of your pretty hair!

You cannot sell or burn down your house! Didn't you just finish your kitchen? :)

Hey, I'll take Hannah! Brendan still wants a sister!

Kim said...

Is it wrong that I'm hoping for all kinds of interesting things to turn up in your life so you can blog about it? LOL!

I miss you!

Susan said...

Now we need to see pictures of your pretty hair.

Must not sell or burn down your house!

Amber said...

Yes, I miss your blog too.
Hey, post a hair pic!


Alien said...

LOL! You guys are all very sweet, but my hair really isn't that exciting to anyone but me. Really, the hair cut just involved getting like an inch of dead, dry ends cut off. And I just got some blondish highlights put in. It's just that when you go like half a year without a haircut, when you finally DO get one, it makes you fell all un-slobbish and stuff. LOL!