Friday, September 08, 2006

Ahhh... busy day ahead.

I have so much to do today (and yet, here I sit, blogging). We're heading out on an overnight trip tomorrow morning (with my parents too... ack!), so I have tons of preparation today. I have to deposit my paycheck, go to WalMart to grab some stuff, return already overdue movies to the video store, make sure everything we need to take is washed (I hate laundry), pack everything, clean out my car (it's a disaster), etc. And I don't feel like doing any of it. Yuck.

Hannah starts gymnastics tonight. She begged me to sign her up (she's been watching Grace take class for a year now), so I finally gave in. She swears she'll go out into the gym without me (I'm not allowed in the gym area), but we shall see. She's pretty shy in general around people, so I'll actually be pretty damn proud of her if she's brave enough to go through with it tonight.

So, um, I guess I should go get started on that laundry list of stuff I have to do. Especially since Steve will be getting home around noon today (yuck) and I need to make it look like I accomplished something before then. [sigh]

At least the hotel (supposedly) has wireless internet connections in the room. Since I won't be smoking for 2 whole days (my parents don't know I smoke), I need something to keep me from clawing someone's eyes out...


mamatulip said...

Good luck this weekend without the puffy puffy.

Chelle Y. said...

Wow!?! Two days in a row! I am impressed! (Kidding) I love reading your blog!

You have hid it from your parents all these years!?! Man, you're good! I always get caught! Haha!

Amber said...

Two days could be three days...then four... then... OH I KNOW! SHUT THE FUCK UP ANTI-SMOKING AMBER! LOL.
Whatever. Quit. ;)


Tink said...

See what our parents do to us? They make us afraid of them for LIFE.