Wednesday, November 22, 2006


I've come to a conclusion. I only bother with you people when I'm trying to avoid something else. LOL! This blog is a wonderful procrastination tool.

So if I'm enjoying myself, digital scrapbooking or whatever... "Eh. Screw blogging today. I don't have anything interesting to say anyway."

But if I'm trying to avoid updating a computer software manual with screenshots or cleaning my pigsty of a house... "Hmmm... I think I'll go check in with my blog readers and see what's shaking."

LOL! I'm mostly kidding. It's just always so busy this time of year. And god forbid I let my children out of my sight when they're here because that would inevitably result in another broken item of furniture/knick-knack/bone/etc., and me having to break out the ol' can of whoopass again. [sigh]

So bear hunting season started on Monday. That means I see very little of Steve. That's not necessarily a bad thing, since it does mean I don't have to worry about cooking full meals and stuff. But it also means that I'm responsible for all kid/house/chore/shopping/etc.-related issues. Yay.

Steve informed me last week that in just 2 short weeks, I'll have a stuffed, once live bear in my flippin' living room. The bear he shot last year is almost finished at the taxidermist. Now, when he originally decided to get a full mount, it was my understanding that the monstrosity would be kept over in our rental unit in the backyard, which has become Steve's "hunting room". But I've recently been informed that there is no room over there and that he wants it here in the house. Um, dude? And you think there's room in here? Crap. I'm still not sure how I feel about the whole thing, so I'll have to post pictures when good ol' Smokey arrives and we can discuss. LOL!

Alrighty gang... I really do have to go update that user's guide now and clean this hellhole before Crack Kid #1 arrives home from school (early dismissal today). So I want to wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving! Have a blast, eat a lot of food, get a lot of sleep, and come back with stories to share about Crazy Uncle Jimmy and how he got all sorts of drunk again. ;)



mary said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you!

Can't wait for the bear pics...heheheh

Gracey said...

Isn't a stuffed dead bear going to freak your kids out?? Hopefully it's not the kind that have the bear's mouth open showing it's large teeth and standing on it's hind legs....if so, you will have to be staying up with little girl's having bad dreams. LOL

Alien said...

LOL Gracey. No, it won't freak 'em out. They were here (and posed for pictures) when Steve brought it home last year the day he shot it. [sigh] Little rednecks, I tell ya.

And actually, the "pose" of the bear sounds like it's going to be pretty cool. He'll be "walking" and his front paws will be resting on a log. Then his head will be turned and looking up at a beehive that's hanging above him. Nice and calm from what I'm envisioning. And actually, I'm more concerned about the girls trying to RIDE the damn thing. Steve will have a freakin' heart attack if anything happens to the stupid thing. [sigh]

Tink said...

Wait a second... You're going to have a full size stuffed bear in your living room?! I wouldn't even let Hoop hang his bronze wall map in the guest room. I definitely want pictures.

tj said...

oh lord....good luck with that Allison!

Happy Thanksgiving...:-)

Alien said...

[sigh] Yes, Tink... I will. Up until this point, there's always been a No Dead Animals rules in our home. Not even antlers to be found anywhere other than the basement or other buildings on the property. But this bear is his pride and joy. The first bear he's shot after 20+ years of hunting. And sweet jesus, the thing cost a lot to get stuffed. LOL!

So I'm throwing the poor guy a bone and letting him put it in the living room (for now anyway). Hunting is his passion. Let 'em enjoy the reward for awhile, ya know?

Crap. LOL!

Melissa said...

You said, "full mount." He he he he

Scully said...

The only good thing about my husband working 80 hour six day weeks this time of year is that it coincides with your husband hunting so we get to be sans husbands together.

I cannot wait to see that bear. I think he should have shelled out a little more dough to have an iron spine put in it or something so the girls COULD ride it!

Hmmm now Im wondering how much it would cost to have a bear stuffed over top of a mechanical bull? That would kick ass at the pig roast every year!

Chelle Y. said...

So, cool! I cannot wait to see your pictures of the bear! How fun that is going to be for the girls!

Amber said...

Um, I'm sorry. You are speaking of having a stuffed, dead bear in your house? Where you live? In your house? You are a far better wife than I am. LOL!