Tuesday, November 28, 2006

I'm Here and I'm Queer...

OK. So I'm not actually queer in the homosexual sense, but I've always loved that little rhyme. And I always add the "... and I'm queer," part in my head when I or someone else says, "I'm here." I need a life, eh? LOL!

Anyway, I know I've been sucking at this blog thing. It's funny how the holidays make you busier, isn't it? And when husbands are home more often than usual, it's also hard to hang out on the computer all day. Bastards. Every one of 'em. ;)

We had a really nice Thanksgiving. The day after, we headed to the tree farm and put up and decorated our Christmas tree. I think it's my favorite one we've ever had so far. The branches go all the way to the ground which rocks!

I spent the rest of the weekend continuing to decorate the house (inside and out) for Christmas, taking the girls outside for some more leaf jumping (the weather's been GORGEOUS), and trying to regain some control of the clutter in my home (and failing miserably). Throw in some actual paid work and some more digital scrapbooking for Christmas gifts, and there was little to no spare time here lately.

So I have no exciting news or stories to share, and nothing interesting to say really. But I wanted to let you all know that I'm here... (and I'm queer.... See? I can't not say that. LOL!)


Chelle Y. said...

I always think of that phrase too!

I am happy you had a nice Thanksgiving! I did too, and now that I am back, I have not really been in the mood to blog. My life has been pretty boring lately. I am not "quitting," but I am just waiting to think of something to write about now.

I did get caught up on my scrapbooking, although, I have not tried the digital kind yet.

Gracey said...

You are more organized than you think at least in the sense of having all your Christmas decorations up and out already. We're leaving out of town in a few weeks and I'm too lazy to put everything up for just those two and a half weeks and then take them down when we get home. I can get away with no tree or decorations because there aren't any kids in the house I guess. My laziness for some things never ceases to amaze me! lol :)

KFblogger said...

Ok, that "here & queer" thing cracks me up. Remember how innocent certain phrases used to be?? I used to call everything "gay" that's so "GAY"! and it didn't mean I didn't like gays or anything. I gotta shut my mouth now (at least in public and around my kids LOL)