Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Wine anyone?

Dear god. I can't tell you the last time I laughed so hard. So last night, about 20 minutes before my sister was due to show up at my house for my dad's birthday party, my phone rings and it's her. I answer and she asks if I still drink wine. Um, duh. Does a bear shit in the woods? Of course I still drink wine. The fact that she even had to ask sort of disappoints me. LOL!

So anyway, she goes on to explain that she has acquired several "jugs of wine" from friend and wants to know if I want one. Sure! She also says it's homemade wine and I say, "Even better."

So anyway, everyone starts showing up for the party and my sister pulls in. So she gets out of the car with this "jug" of wine.

sep 23 2007 001 copyrockstarrockstar

Um, "jug" is not the word I would've used to describe this thing. I had assumed by "jug" that she meant like a gallon jug. You know those big ass bottles of wine you can buy on the market? Yeah. Um, that's NOT what this thing is. Here. Let me show you this thing in comparison to one of my children...

sep 23 2007 015 copywowrockstar

Dear god! LMFAO! Seriously. What the hell am I supposed to do with this thing? I mean, how do you even pour it? And here in redneck country, screw the cork or even a screw top. Let's just duct tape the top and call it a day. I was seriously pissing myself laughing.

So tomorrow, I'm going to break the seal and try it out. I mean, it might taste good, right? LOL! And even if it doesn't, I don't care. That jug isn't plastic like I thought it was. It's glass people! How friggin' COOL is that? I LOVE that thing. More than the alcohol it contains, which I can assure you, is saying something in my case.

So seriously... what does one do with all that wine? Drink it slowly over the next 8 billion years? Sell it to a church for communion? I totally want to throw it in our water cooler/dispenser thing-a-ma-jig that you see in offices, but Steve says no. Jerk. LOL!

Another mom I know invited me to her house this Thursday for a wine and cheese type thing so 4 of us womenfolk can get together and watch the season premiere of "Grey's Anatomy." Who dares me to show up with this monstrosity and say I brought the wine. LMAO! Dear god...

Anyway, we had a great day today. Hannah was way more pleasant than usual and I got some fabulous photos of her outside. I'm sure I'll be posting those in the next day or two. :)



Here are my photos for this week's Weekly Word Challenge. This week's words were "county" and "urban".


The field behind our house, currently full of hay bales.

sep 23 2007 042 copywowwow


This one was hard for me. When I first found out what it was, I immediately thought of contemporary/black/shiny/sleek/crowded city stuff, which is totally not my style and totally not something I thought I could find a photo for around here. But then I changed my train of thought and realized that "urban" also reminds me of old, rusty, grungy type stuff. So I walked around today and found the rustiest thing I could on our property. So anyway, here's my "urban" contribution.

sep 23 2007 032 copywow


Other notes:

Amber: It may very well scar, but what's a kid without scars? LOL! You can see it in that photo up there. It's under her chin, so it's not in a really obvious place, thankfully.

Tink: We played a Chuck E. Cheese board game which is a total ripoff of Candy Land, but not nearly as cool. I don't where my mom bought it, but she really should have saved her money. LOL!


** Please note that in the photo above, Hannah was dressed in an outfit she put together. She's wearing Grace's skirt (which is way too big) and a long-sleeved shirt of her own despite the fact that it was like 80+ degrees outside today. Later, she added a Burger King crown. [shaking head] The kid kills me.

** I've been getting some very nice comments/questions in the past few weeks about my photos/photography skills. In the next day or two, I'm going to have a post that shows "Before" and "After" pictures and show the world that anyone can have great photos. It's all about perspective (and willingness to snap 8 bazillion photos in the span of 10 minutes while moving around), and a decent knowledge of Photoshop. Many of my photos are VERY run-of-the-mill, average photos until I do the post processing on them in Photoshop. But more on that later. Right now it's 1:30 in the morning and I'm kind of tired. LOL! So I'll see you tomorrow. :)


fishface said...

Yes!! You should totally show up at the wine and cheese get together with that big jug. Love the duct tape!

slh said...

OMG, that "jug" is hilarious! You definitely should take it to the wine and cheese party...that is if someone can lift the darn thing.

Great photos!

Chelle Y. said...

I was laughing so hard at this post that I went into a fit of coughing!

That wine "jug!" I was thinking you should put into a "water thing." Haha!

And, you explaining Hannah's outfit! Too funny! I have a friend who has a son who always want to wear cowboy boots. People do not even wear cowboy boots in this area! He wears them with shorts and his pajamas! It embarrasses her! :)

Tink said...

We must be sharing a brain wave. I posted a picture of hay bales too! I love the "Urban" shot. And the jug is friggin hilarious. You should start collecting recipes for things that require wine. Wine chicken. Wine steaks. Wine porkchops. Wine wine. I dunno.

Buffy said...

I dont know whats better...the jug or the make shift cork.