Tuesday, September 04, 2007

A Few More...

I had a chance to edit a few more pictures from our little fishing adventure yesterday, so I thought I'd post them.

Kelly, to answer your question, I don't run actions very often anymore. I have Photoshop CS3 now and that comes with an Adobe Camera Raw (ACR) plug-in. I do the majority of my photo editing using that now. I bought some ACR presets, which basically means I click on it and the coloring, lighting, etc. automatically changes.

As for depth, I'm still doing all of that by hand. I don't have a fancy camera at all, so I go into most of my photos and blur the background after the fact in order to add depth and dimension. I'll type up an entry later today explaining (somewhat) what I do, OK?

In the meantime, here are those photos I mentioned...

Waiting for a Bite

Hoping to Catch OneGrace Relaxing and FishingFishing


Anonymous said...

Love the photos! Well tell me what presets you bought so I can go check those out. I do shoot in RAW and it would be awesome to have some presets. I've seen some by Holly but they aren't cheap. If you tell me about some good ones I might be willing to spend the dough. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

OK nevermind I saw on your flickr that you did use Holly's presets. So do you think they are worth the $45? You have the power of my paypal in your hands right now. LOL.

Allison said...

LOL Kelly. Ugh. I couldn't resist. I only have the Roadtrip presets, although I'd LOVE all of them. Unfortunately, my bank account doesn't agree with that. LOL! And I can't even shoot in RAW. LOL! But in CS3, you can use the Adobe Camera Raw plug-in with plain ol' .jpgs, so that's what I do.

I really do love the Roadtrip ones. I will say that I've noticed that some of them tend to make people's skin weird colors, so I sometimes have to go adjust some settings. I wonder if one of the other sets would be more suited for people? I'm not sure. The Roadtrip ones seem to have some REALLY bright/saturated colors in them, best for non-human subjects in my opinion. But I still love them. I just tweak 'em a bit on each photo.

I just added a before picture in Flickr. Click back over there and you'll see the before picture of Grace fishing and then the after using the preset. The only thing I did after applying the preset was to blur the background a bit near the top of the photo, using my blur tool. They really are fun to play with. :)

If you aren't sure which presets to buy (and I would recommend at least ONE set... LOL!), I'd go over to the Pink Ink Studios Flickr group and check out the photos. Most people mention which preset pack they used on the photos, so you may get an idea of which set you'd want to buy first.

Tink said...

Omg, the oversized hat is adorable! Call me a "noob" but I've never even heard of RAW. I usually use Microsoft Digital Image Pro 7.0. It's good. I feel I have it down to an art. But I want more! :)