Monday, September 10, 2007

Today sucked.

What a shitty day.

Steve's (only) employee called in sick. Then Steve's work truck wasn't working and he spent half the day trying to fix it. Then I had to put Salinger (our cat) to sleep. And then, because the day didn't suck enough already, Steve had to run out to a job where the floor was setting up too fast and they were in danger of losing it and having to repour it. So that meant I had to bury Salinger, which I can assure you, was not on the list of things I do as wife and mother. Shit.

Grace has her first soccer game tonight, which will be a nice distraction. But Steve still has to run out and grab a part for his truck and try to fix it before the game. Which means, basically, that he'll probably have us running late, like usual. [sigh]

I really NEED it to be bedtime so everyone else will go to sleep and I can chug a beer or something. Damn.

I'll be back later.


slh said...

Enjoy that beer certainly deserve it. Hope tomorrow is much better.

RIP Salinger.

Kelly R. said...

(((alien))) sorry about Salinger. Was he old or sick?
Hope Steve gets his truck fixed and Grace kicks butt at the soccer game.

Susie said...

((((Alien)))) I am so sorry about the cat. Sorry your day sucked. How are the girls dealing with the Cat? Hope your day gets better. Lots of Hugs

Tink said...

Dude, I'll BUY you a beer. Of course then I'll have to mail it. So it won't be cold. It won't get there tonight either. But it's the THOUGHT, right? ((HUG)) I'm sorry your day sucked.

Mary said...


I'm sorry about the crappy day, especially about your kitty.