Tuesday, September 18, 2007

We are so classy...

OK. Not really. But on Sunday night we faked it. One of my best friends from elementary school (Chris) got married and we went to his wedding. The wedding and reception were about 45 minutes away, so three other couples (and us) decided to spring for a limo to take us there. That way we could all drink and enjoy ourselves, and we'd have a blast driving there and home together.

Well, we were right because we had a TOTAL blast, both in the limo and at the reception. Almost all of my high school friends and their wives were there. (Yes... ALL of my high school friends were guys.) Some are geeky, some are dorky, and some are somewhat "cool," but they're ALL a total blast to hang out with. We laughed from the time we got in the limo until the time we arrived back home. "My boys" are the absolute best. They bust on me, I bust on them, and no one gets mad. (Why can't girls be like that?)

We arrived at the wedding/reception already slightly buzzed, which was absolutely hilarious. No one did anything embarrassing or rude, but I did erupt into a fit of laughter when the wedding started and I felt the need to tell my friend, Steve, that the minister was hot. And dudes, he totally was. I mean slammin' hot. My friend couldn't stop laughing, asking why the hell I was telling him. I explained it was because there were no girls I knew anywhere near me, and I really did feel the need to share it with someone. Couldn't... stop... laughing... I realize you had to be there and also had to be slightly intoxicated to see the humor in it, but I can assure you, it was funny.

Once the reception started up, it went downhill from there. Jokes about past boyfriends and girlfriends, my friend Gerard breakdancing and doing the Worm in the middle of the dance floor several times, the groom and his band kicking the house band off-stage so they could sing some kick ass music. (For those of you at the pig roast 2 years ago, it was the lead singer of that band that got married.)

Anyway, it's soooo nice to get out sometimes, have a few drinks (or a lot of drinks in my case), and just laugh with adults. Especially with this particular group of friends. We've been tight for years. Some I've been friends with since kindergarten... some since fifth or sixth grade... and some since high school. Over the years, I married Steve and most of them met and married girls. Surprisingly enough, I like all of the girls, which is rare in and off itself. And although a few of them had a problem in the beginning with their man having a good friend who's a chick, once they got to know me and understood our relationship, all was good.

So anyway, this leads me to my contribution to the Weekly Words Challenge over at Tink's blog, which she took over for the first time this week from OddMix. The words for this week were Change and Color.


This first picture represents change. The changing of our lives and our relationships since we all first met 20+ years ago. And yet, what's cool, is that so, so many things have also remained the same. Awesome. (Steve and I are in the back on the right.) Oh, and some drunk dude took this for us, so it's not the best quality. LOL!


And here is my photo for Color. This was Grace at her soccer clinic on Saturday. She's there in the middle in the orange shirt, to the left of the girl in the yellow #2 shirt. :)

And here are one or two other pictures from the wedding. Just because.

A picture of Steve and my friends. Lovely group, aren't they? LOL!

Steve and I in the limo. Please ignore Steve's missing tooth. The dentist pulled it a few months ago and a piece broke off and stayed inside his gum. The dentist is giving it six months "to correct itself" before putting a new fake tooth in there. LOL!


Chelle Y. said...

You look great, Alien! I was thinking of that show "My Boys" on TBS when I was reading this post (have you seen it)?

I loved your pictures. Too bad there was no picture of the HOT minister! =)

Tink said...

LMAO! Is that one dude flipping a Shocker?! That sounds like a great time. The pictures are excellent, as always.

Btw, I was playing around with Photoshop tutorials and Defog settings last night. I had so much fun. The difference is amazing. Thanks again.

Allison said...

LOL Tink. I'm not really sure what "flipping a shocker" is, so I can't answer that. They just all flipped off the camera (except Steve... good boy), and my one friend, Ed, in the front on the right made a point of telling me he not only flipped me off, but gave me "a nipple flip." Um, thanks? LOL!

I need to mess with some settings on here. The pictures never look clear when I link them through Flickr. I may have to cave and just upload them directly into Blogger. [sigh]

Allison said...

Oh, and Chelle, sorry no pics of the minister. I have one or two, but they're from so far away that they're really grainy. I'm afraid you're just going to have to take my word for it. He kind of resembled Steve actually. LOL! My friend Steve was dying because he caught me trying to zoom into the minister's face during the ceremony. LOL! MY Steve just sat there, shaking his head and laughing. LOL!

I did find out later that the "minister" was actually the groom's boss, who had become an ordained minister online or something and had married only 2 or 3 couples. So I didn't feel QUITE as "dirty" once I found out he wasn't as much of a "man of the cloth" as I had originally assumed. LMAO!

Tink said...

Two in from the left. The guy next to Steve.

Other terms for the Shocker:
Two in the grass. One in the a**.
Two in the pink. One in the stink.
Two in the koot. One in the boot.
Two in the shoot, one in the poot.

You get the picture. *Snort*

There was a huge to-do about it while I was in high school. Kids would wear an image of the gesture on shirts... Until one of the teachers caught on.

Chelle Y. said...

That is funny that they are "flipping off the camera." I did not even realize it at first. It shows you that boys never grow up! I suppose they still laugh and poots and burps! HAHA!

Too bad about the minister... you know I am single again? LOL!