Thursday, September 27, 2007

Excellent day today...

So I just got home from a way overdue and much needed haircut. Awesome. It's basically the same cut as last time, but even better. I NEVER thought I'd be someone who loved her hair, since I spent my whole life trying to tame my frizzy 'fro. But this new cut and a straightening iron give me a whole different attitude. Sweet.

I'm excited for tonight. I'm going to a woman's house where 4 of us (all moms who met through school and/or extracurricular activities) are getting together for food, drinks, and the season premiere of "Grey's Anatomy." Awesome. I have so few girlfriends in real life (as opposed to online) that when I get invited somewhere, I get a little giddy. It's odd because the 4 of us are all sooooo different.

There's one who is very kind, is an amazingly perfect mother, friendly as hell, etc. Just nice. I was surprised to find out she's only a year older than me however. She just seems older for some reason. Not necessarily in the way she looks, per se. Just dresses and acts very "mom-like" which always makes me assume you're older than me. LOL! But she reminds me of how I viewed moms when I was a kid if that makes any sense.

Then there's one I don't know quite as well, but when I first met her, I assumed she was a snob. VERY put together. Always dressed nice in Eddie Bauer-type stuff (khakis, polos, etc.), always has her hair and makeup done perfectly, etc. And she barely talked, which is why I assumed she was a snob. But after meeting her several times and talking to her more, I realized that it just takes her awhile to warm up and feel comfortable enough to joke around and stuff. Still fairly quiet and much more reserved than I am. But nice just the same. Steve says she looks like Rachel Ray. She totally does too. LOL!

Mom #3 is a bit more like me personality wise. Very outgoing, kind of loud, extremely down to earth, has no problem sitting down and knocking back a few at a BBQ, yells at her kids in front of me (LOL!) etc. But totally different than me in terms of "style." Now I'm not saying that because I think I have any. At all. What I mean is that she looks like a mom. It's kind of hard to explain what I mean, but she just looks like she fits right in here in our small town. Badly permed hair, old T-shirts, tapered jeans, white keds, etc. I'm not judging her because of that or anything. I'm just trying to describe each of them.

So anyway, then there's me. I always go into groups assuming I'm the group idiot. I figure people want me around for comedic reasons. That, or so they feel better about themselves. LOL! I have a tendency to make inappropriate jokes at inappropriate times. I have sarcasm oozing from my pores. I crack jokes constantly. And I curse like a sailor (and drink and smoke like one too). When it comes to how I dress, I honest to god couldn't tell you the last time I slipped on a pair of khakis (shudder). Pretty much every pair of pants/capris/shorts I own are cargo style with big pockets on the side, ties everywhere, and quite a few of them are camouflage. I shop at clothing stores that high school kids shop at and almost every shirt I wear has some stupid saying on the front of something equally juvenile.

So it got me to wondering how the four of us came to be "friends". I figure the two classier, more reserved women like me around to make fun of me. Either that, or perhaps they always want to drop f-bombs or something but figure it's inappropriate. With me around, they can let 'em fly and know they won't be judged? I dunno. And the other woman more like me? Maybe she just likes me around because I make her look good. She curses, but not as much as me. LOL! I dunno.

I'm not complaining at all, since we do have a good time. This will be the first time we're getting together outside of a school function and without kids, so we'll see how it goes. For all I know, the two more reserved women are closet wild women or pervs or something. Hey, you never know! LOL!

But the bottom line is that I'm looking forward to tonight. I don't get out much in terms of social stuff, and I rarely get out without the kids AND without Steve. So that alone will make it nice. So I'll go and I'll watch what I say at first. And I'll sip my white zinfandel (while wishing it was Miller Lite), and I won't smoke. And I'm sure I'll crack jokes, but I'll actually try to think before I speak. And hopefully, by the end of the night, I'll have dropped the nervousness and will be back to being my idiot self. Because really, every group of friends need an idiot, right? I wouldn't want to disappoint. ;)


Responses to some of yesterday's comments:

Mamtulip: No. Not a shirt from my sister. LOL! But pretty much in the same category in terms of "coolness". [sigh]

Tink: She IS tiny. Very, very tiny. LOL! 4-years-old and still only 28 lbs.


slh said...

I thought you just got your haircut. I too love what a straightener can do to frizzy hair.

Have fun tonight.

Tink said...

Have fun tonight!! I want pictures of this new do. Is it different than the last one you had? I so badly want to cut my hair. It used to be so cute and short. Now it's long and bleh. I've been two inches off the mark for donating it for three months! One of these days I'm just going to snap and cut it anyway.

Chelle Y. said...

I could totally kick back and watch a movie with you! :)

Allison said...

SLH: I got my haircut right before the pig roast, almost 2 months ago. I seriously needed a trim.

Tink: It's a little different. Same basic cut, but a teeny bit shorter this time. I'll post pics later today sometime.

Chelle: Thank you! Same here. :)

slh said...

Well, it's a great style for you.


Amber said...

I would LOOOOOVE to hang out with you. Anyone who might say "fuck" as often as I do, would be fun to be with. ;)

I would love to find a group of off-line friends to do something like that with. Most of the moms around here seem too...nice. LOL! But I might be wrong. And maybe they are longing to hang out with a bitch like me. Who knows??


Kimmykay said...

Why they hang out with you? Because you rock it. I find that some of the most amazing women are ones that don't fit in The Mold. You are a class act unto itself. LOL.