Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Hannah's Dorky Outfit of the Day...

This was actually from the other day, but I hadn't had a chance to post this yet.

OK. So at first glance, this outfit doesn't really look that bad. I mean, perhaps if you study it closely (which we'll do in a minute) -- but probably not if you aren't looking to pick it apart. The binder clip obviously looks a little odd, but other than that, you'd probably shrug your shoulders and move along.


However, let's get a better view and then dissect this outfit, piece by piece.


First we have the bottoms. Those, my friends, are a pair of Grace's soccer shorts. Now these shorts go down past Grace's knees and Grace is a good foot and a half taller than Hannah. So these "shorts" really don't belong on Hannah's body.

Next we have the T-shirt. I don't know what the child's obsession is with this shirt, but I wish it would end. It's old (2 years at least) and has one of those cheesy "iron-on" type transfers on the front. The picture is three dogs wearing flag bandanas like doo rags. Hannah HATES dogs. Is terrified of them. So why she insists on wearing this thing at least 4 days a week is beyond me.

And now we move on to the best part. That little "coat" thing she's wearing. That actually belongs to one of her dolls. Yes, that's right, folks... her doll. A standard 18 or 19" doll is the one that's supposed to be wearing that thing. And yet, Hannah puts it on all of the time. And because she's a freak, she insists on having it closed, which is where the handy dandy binder clip comes in. (Seriously... god bless the inventor of binder clips. He has made Hannah's life.) I suppose I should be thankful for this day. Normally she wears that doll coat like that, but with no other shirt underneath. Now that is a sight to see, my friends. [sigh]

And to anyone who's curious, yes, I let her go out in public like this usually. Not to daycare because that would be a little weird. But if I'm running to WalMart or Grace's soccer practice or something, I have no problem taking her in this kind of thing. It makes other people smile and I would like to think that people realize that I wasn't the one who dressed her in the morning. And if they don't realize that, then they're too stupid to be my friends anyway. LOL!



** Ignore the messy background. That's the sunroom off the kitchen that has been waiting for my darling husband to gut it for oh, about 4 years now. He says this winter for sure. Uh huh. Sure.

** I didn't mention her hat because that's the one thing she's wearing that I actually think totally kicks ass. I love that hat!

** And because I like it, here's another picture of my modern day princess. She really does kind of rule, doesn't she? LOL!



Chelle Y. said...

If she keeps doing this, you'll have a post everyday!

I still think she looks cute!

mamatulip said...

The binder clip fucking SLAYS me. And I gotta know, is that a shirt from your sister? *snort*

Tink said...

I never get enough of this. That girl ROCKS, doll coat and all. And holy crap she looks tiny in that last picture! Awesome shot.

Kelly R. said...

She is destined to be a fashion model or designer someday.

Amber said...

I don't care WHAT she puts on, she is just so pretty! And actually, I love it when little girls put these kind of outfits together. You are only a kid once, right?


Buffy said...

This is fabulous.