Thursday, August 23, 2007

My Little Rock Star

So yesterday, my parents and I took both girls to the mall school shopping. Well, Hannah was just along for the ride. Grace was the one that needed stuff for school on Monday. It wasn't exactly pleasant since she HATES shopping for clothing and HATES trying stuff on (just like her mom). But we managed to get through it. While there, she begged for a makeover at Libby Lu's. Hannah had one on her birthday, so my mom agreed to let Grace get one yesterday. She was so excited and picked the "Rock Star" makeover. I must say, she looked absolutely adorable!

Here are a few photos. (And I realize her outfit in the second one doesn't exactly match. It's a long story and she didn't wear it out in public, so who am I to judge, right? LOL!)


geenalyn said...

she makes the perfect rockstar. That first picture of her...its perfect...she's beautiful Alien

Tink said...

I love her big brown eyes in the first shot. She makes an adorable rock star. What kind of other makeovers does this place do? I've never heard of a place like it.

Kim said...

OMG! She's awesome! Beautiful girl!