Friday, August 10, 2007

Kid Pics...

I've had one or two people recently ask me for recent pictures of the girls, so I thought I'd post a few here.

Hannah Swimming at Aunt Joanne's House

The Girls Building "Zoomy the Robot"

Grace Painting Zoomy's Face


Grace in the Back of Steve's Pickup

Hannah Playing in the Dirt



Chelle Y. said...

Hannah's eyes are absolutely beautiful! It's funny how you can tell which one is the "girly-girl" and which one will beat all the boys up someday! Hahaha!

Cute kids, Allison!

Kimmykay said...

Loving the pictures. Your girls are beautiful. The robot too.

Tink said...

Hannah's eyes in the first picture are absolutely gorgous. I totally dig Grace's paint job on Zoomy's face. You got great kids, girl.

Susie said...

Those girls are just beautiful!! Grace looks so grown up!

oddmix said...

My goodness. Every time I see the photos of them I am struck by how beautiful your kids are.

fishface said...

Your girls are beautiful!!