Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Today I...

  • Had a conference call.
  • Played baseball.
  • Played basketball.
  • Drove around in a motorized Barbie Jeep. (Yes, I fit. Barely.)
  • Pulled one (sometimes two) kids around in a wagon for about 8 billion miles.
  • Threw rocks into the creek.
  • Peed once.
  • Ate barely anything.
  • Played Frisbee.
  • Pushed kids on a swing for 9 billion hours.
  • Played "Captain Hook and Peter Pan".
  • Went down a sliding board 4 thousand times.
  • Wore a child-sized lifejacket (at the request of Hannah) while running around the backyard playing tag.
  • Cooked dinner.
  • Cleaned up.
  • Gave the kids a bath.
  • Took the garbage out to the curb. (Five cans worth.)
  • Scrubbed three litter boxes.
  • Had sex.

I'm freakin' TIRED! More tomorrow. Mama needs some sleep... LOL!


Amber said...

You sound like a fun mom!

Today I: Yelled at my kids.
Yelled at the dog.
Imagined sex.
Thought how fat my ass was
Imagined having slim ass.
Yelled at dog.


Susan said...

Sounds like a day full of fun.

Chelle Y. said...

Hey, I had the same day as Amber! :)

You're a cool mom!

Tink said...

Sounds like a pretty productive day. I guess you're excused. ;)

Kimmykay said...

Ok, ok, I'll wait a little longer for a sig. I thought I saw my name on the list but nope..

Now, I WOULD love to see you in a child sized life jacket running around the back yard.

How is working out going for you? LOL>

mary said...

let me guess, spring has sprung in PA? Sounds like a perfect day :)


September said...

At least you had sex. At the end of the day that's all that really matters, right?

Oh, yeah, the beer. Why was there no beer on your list? Has Hell frozen over?