Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The Psychotic Mom (For Tink)...

OK. So there's a little girl in Grace's kindergarten class. We'll just call her Julie from here on out. So I had met Julie's parents once before at an open house at the school. The mother had informed me that although she's still married to Julie's dad, she only sees Julie once every TWO MONTHS because she works out of state. That in and of itself is completely odd to me, but there were other signs of her oddness. That night, she had mentioned something about their meditation room. That's cool generally speaking. But it's also not the norm (around here anyway), so it was added to my mental list of why this woman struck me as a bit "off".

At another point, she started speaking about herself in the third person. Freak.

So anyway, I took Grace to this birthday party on Saturday for a boy in her class. Julie was there and so was her mom. I remembered her from the open house and decided to just stay clear of her so as to avoid any sort of conversation. At one point during the party, she announced (loudly) to the kids that they were going to play a game. Now keep in mind this is not her child's party. A few of us kind of thought that was weird, but then assumed maybe the kid's mom and her were good friends or something and she was helping out. So she takes charge and runs this entire game for the kids. Whatever.

The rest of the party, she was yelling loudly and often, getting people food, yelling at OTHER people's kids that weren't acting exactly as she wanted them to, etc. A few of us started questioning if she knew the birthday boy's mom, but no one knew for sure.

The icing on the cake came when the little boy started to open his presents. She told every other child there where he/she should sit. The boy starts opening his presents while sitting in a chair. The boy's mom is kneeling next to the chair, but Julie's mom sort of pushed her out of the way and starts handing the kid his presents to open. She's writing down what each child there gave him (for thank you cards later), she's reading all of his cards to him as he opens them, she oogling over his presents and reading the boxes to him, etc. At one point, the boy was holding one particular gift a little longer than the others because he really liked it and was checking out the box, and Julie's mom TOOK the present from him and said, "You can play later. C'mon. You have a lot more stuff to open and the party's almost over."

The boy's mom sat there with a smile pasted on her face, honestly looking like she wasn't annoyed, but it was hard to tell.

So get this. At the end of the party, another mom asked her if she knew Julie's mom. She had never even MET her before!!!! Holy SHIT! What the HELL?!?!?! LMAO! All I know is that if she had acted like that at MY kid's party, I would've taken her out in the parking lot and beat the shit out of her. God bless the little boy's mom, because apparently, she has WAY more patience than I do.

So see? Julie's mom = PSYCHO!!!!!! Ack!


Amber said...

Maybe her *work* out of town, is really an in-patient looney-bin, and she gets day passes every two months. Ha!


Mary said...

Someone has some control issues I'd say....Jezus....though it wouldnt' suprise me if Jake has classmates whoes parents are like that...crazy montessori folks and all...

Hope things start to mellow out a bit for ya! And I hope your back feels better soon. If you want an x-ray, come to oregon and I'll do it for free ;-)

Chelle Y. said...

I would have loved to have been there just to see your reaction! :)

I actually know people like that!

Agent M said...

Snort. That's freaky.

Tink said...

Thank you for clearing that up! What a nutjob. It's probably a good thing she doesn't see her kid more often.

Kimmykay said...

First, I love your new digs! The girls are so cute with their glasses.

Second, I've met her I think. LOL. We met some people from Jeff's work when we lived in California. They had a little girl, 4 ys old. At Andrew's 1 st birthday she.... told her little girl she could blow out the candles since Andrew was still a baby (we practiced blowing! LOL). She could open presents cause he needed help. She could play with said presents cause he was only 1. There was more but that set the tone. WE moved 6 mths later.