Thursday, July 20, 2006

Thursday Thirteen - July 20, 2006

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1. Have been working my fat ass off at night, trying to get all of my work done for the two projects I'm on. This involved little sleep, dodging certain emails and phone calls, and writing a lot of document content while buzzed on a few beers. Sweet.

2. Watched the girls play every night outside until well after 8:00. This means I have two WAY exhausted little girls this week.

3. Went with my mother-in-law to pick out curtains for the kitchen (she was paying). Couldn't help laughing out loud on several occasions when she suggested some... "No, I really don't think those apple printed curtains will go so well in the kitchen... No, I'm not really a big lace and ruffle fan... Ew! Those look old-ladyish!" Snort. However, it was painfully obvious that she wasn't too keen on the stuff I liked either, so we were even.

4. While at the store where I got the curtains, I had my highlight of the week when I found a pair of $70.00 Tommy Hilfiger jeans that were on sale for $8.00! Did you hear me? Eight fucking dollars!!! And they're damn cool too and I look damn thin in them, so I was pumped. I also got a pair of Tommy shorts and two Tommy shirts for a few bucks. My total Tommy Hilfiger purchase amount? $25.65, my friends. Sweet!

5. Didn't know whether to laugh or throttle Hannah when we were discussing something (not someone) being fat, and she said, "Yeah. Fat like you Mommy!" Little shit. [grumble grumble]

6. Had several mini panic attacks thinking about all of the stuff Steve and I still need to get done before next week's pig roast. We're pretty much screwed. But I figure if I get everyone drunk enough, no one will really notice the things we didn't get around to doing.

7. Almost (literally) shit my pants on Tuesday when I pulled out of the driveway, forgetting to grab the bank bag containing THOUSANDS of dollars in deposits for Steve's business account off of the trunk.

8. Sped like a mad woman back on the route I had just driven and thanked every god above when I found the bag (still containing all money) along the highway about a half mile from our house. I swear, I would've committed suicide before telling Steve I had lost the money. Literally.

9. Said a little silent "thank you" when my um, "monthly visitor", arrived yesterday instead of next week when she was due. Changing tampons while drunk off my ass at the pig roast would not have been fun.

10. Took Hannah to KMart with me with an entire box of 20 Care Bears band-aids on visible parts of her body (all applied by her, unknown by me of course until afterwards). She had 15 on her left leg, 3 on her right leg, and 2 on her arm. We got some really weird looks that day...

11. Laughed at myself several times today when I drove around town blaring bluegrass music with my windows down. I got so many "Why the hell is that young girl blasting banjo music?" looks that I stopped counting. Good times, I tell ya. Just gearing up for the pig roast is all.
12. Went on a mad dehumidifier hunt this week, finding that every damn place I went was either sold out, or only had one $350+ model left. Finally found one at our usual appliance place, and with some store credit we had there for a stovetop griddle return a few months ago, it only cost me $10.60. Sweet.
13. Lost another 3 lbs. Rock on.


Chelle Y. said...

Sounds like you had an uneventful week. So glad you found the bank bag. I probably would have wanted to "kill myself too."

Have fun next week!

Amber said...

OMG! I would have died if I lost that money. Holy crap. Died! Hey! That is sort of like when Uncle Billy lost the bag of money in the bank in It's A Wonderful Life! LOL

LOL at silly Hannah! How cute. Wyatt loves band-aids too.