Tuesday, July 11, 2006

It's been FOUR DAYS since I last blogged?!?!?!

Dear god, I really do suck. [sigh]

Sorry gang. Life has been nuts. I was bombarded two days (out of three) this past weekend by a friend who invited herself to our house (along with her two sons). Great, right? The kids love playing together... she came here, so my daughters' entertainment was brought to me... etc. But dear lord. On the first day, she stayed for 6 hours. This went into dinner time, so she called her husband, told him to stop at our house on his way home from work, and I had to make an impromptu dinner for 8 fucking people, including a 1-year-old (thank god for Pasta Pickups). They finally left at 8:15, but only because the 1-year-old was exhausted and crying. What the hell? Five minutes before she left, she invited herself over again in two days. Um, ok? [sigh]

The second time, she stayed for 5 hours. At least she left at dinner time. What the hell? I'm all about playdates and getting kids together to play. But it's called a playdate, not a playday. I got absolutely nothing done this weekend due to her self-invitations. Don't get me wrong... she's a very nice person. But sweet jesus girl, you certainly know how to wear out your welcome.

Anyway, throw in a birthday party for Grace with her daycare friends, a leaking spurting dishwasher, normal everyday housecleaning, two kids that insist on playing all day long outside in the 90+ degree weather, a 3-year-old that has finally requested to be out of her crib and in a "big girl bed" at night, a three-hour conference call, a commute to my old company this morning (1 hour away) to sign 2 damn pieces of paper and a commute home (another hour), and now working on two projects -- one for 30 hours this week and one for 40, and a Grandma who took a week's vacation this week meaning my children won't be going to daycare at all, I'm a bit, um, busy. And fucking tired.

So although I'd like to write some more right now, my friends, I'm off to just begin working for the day. Sleep? Who needs sleep? Plenty of people function on no sleep, right? [sigh]


mamatulip said...

Holy shit, Allison.

I hope you get to just chill. Soon.

Alien said...

LOL Katherine. Thanks! But I don't see it happening anytime soon. With the girls not going to daycare at all this week, I'm cramming all of my work hours in after they're asleep, and here and there throughout the day.

I took on a three-week project with my old company, but it's for full-time hours and I'm still working 20-30 hours for my original project (not through my old company). I just keep telling myself how damn good the money's going to be for the three weeks of hell. LOL!

It should be a bit easier next week when the girls go back to daycare. Gee... that's only 8 days away... THUNK! ;)

Belynda said...

Dang, girl!!! And I thought my life was overly crammed full!! Thanks for making me realize and appreciate my life! LMAO!! ;-)

Melissa said...

You're screwed.

Alien said...

Yeah, I know.

Kim: The Mom, The Myth said...


EE said...

I function FINE on no sleep. Wait. Maybe I'm not such a great example. LMAO!

You're not friends w/ my icky SIL are you!??! She used to do that 'dropping in' shit ALL.THE.TIME. I *hate* that.


Renfield said...

I'm glad you updated - I've missed you =)

Hope you are able to get a handle on all the work you have to get done. Good luck! Maybe I should come a week early and babysit for ya!

Chelle Y. said...

I have a headache now after reading that! :o) You're too nice, some people would have told her to go home! (I'm not that kind of person, haha)

Hope things get better quickly!

Dana said...

Oh man! I'm sory to hear about the friend who doesn't have a clue. And I know how hard it is to be super busy. I sure hope you get some sleep sometime!