Saturday, April 26, 2008


Busy day today. And yet, an awesome Friday.

I went to get my haircut today. Steve went to get his cut by the same guy as me at lunchtime today. So I go in for my appointment at 4:00 and our hairdresser (Aaron, who is openly gay) TOTALLY wants Steve. He kept telling me how hot Steve is, how awesome he looks, etc. So THEN he tells me that after Steve left today, Aaron asked a girl that was there what she thought of Steve and she told Aaron that she thought Steve was gay. ROFLMFAO! So I start DYING and say, "I always tell Steve he's half gay." So Aaron looks at me... pauses... and says, "You want me to find out?" OMG! PIMP!

It was all downhill from there. He wants to meet us on date night and sit next to Steve. Then he said that the next time Steve comes in for a haircut, he's going to say, "Why don't you take your shirt off so no hair goes down your back." OMG! I SERIOUSLY couldn't stop laughing. I was laughing so hard I was crying.

I told Steve when I got home, and while most guys would be totally freaked out by it, Steve seemed almost proud. I swear, it made his ego inflate by about 50 times what it already is. I could totally tell he was thinking, "Even guys want me. I'm so fucking hot." LMFAO! [shaking head] Rock on with your bad self, dude. LOL!


And total happy dance! God bless Kmart! They had Satin finish photo paper!!! WOOHOO!!!

For those of you that don't know, I was a bit pissed off yesterday. The ONLY photo paper I will buy to print out stuff at home is Satin finish photo paper. Matte is like printing on card stock, and glossy is just ridiculous. Photos should NOT be shiny, people! For the love of god, do NOT print or order glossy photos. Ever.

So the only finish I like is Satin finish. When I use that stuff, any photos I print on my ol' standard ink jet printed look and feel like I ordered them from somewhere. I always get it at WalMart. Always.

So I'm in the process of making some really cool projects for my mom and MIL for Mother's Day and I ran out of photo paper yesterday. No biggie. So I run to WalMart and discover they now only have 2 choices of photo paper... glossy and glossy, just different brands. SHIT!

So this morning I ran to Giant to check out their office supply aisle. I did find some other cool stuff I can use to make neat projects, but they only had two packs of photo paper -- both glossy. ARG! STOP with the glossy photos people. For real. Because it makes your photos look like shit, but everyone is too polite to tell you. Down with glossy!!!

So before my haircut, I made one last ditch effort and wandered into KMart. And lo and behold, there before me were about 15 different brands/finishes of photo paper. And what do I see way up on the top rack?  That's right, homeboys... my satin finish photo paper. WOOHOO!

I even opened it before buying it (*gasp!*) to make sure it was the exact weight/feel/look as my old stuff I used buy, and it has the same look and feel as the other stuff . Oh, the joy. I bought two packs just to be safe, but I swear to god, if I had more money on me, I would've bought like 10 damn packs just so I wouldn't be in this situation again. LOL! YAY K-mart!!! :)


Tonight, we had 3 friends drop by and two kids who all just wanted to hang out, drink a few beers (the adults... not the kids...) , and chill out. Gotta love weekends and nearby friends. :)


And now in response to Tink... for you and Hoop to drive here for the pig roast, it would "only" take you two days, assuming you drove a lot. LOL! My entire family of 5 drove to Walt Disney World when were were kids TWICE, and both times, we just stopped overnight for one night. And when we finally take our kids to experience it, we'll also drive since Steve and I are big wusses and won't fly. If you leave in the morning and drive all day and then get a hotel overnight, you could wake up and be here that next day. See? Totally do-able.

So if you can't make it that weekend, may I suggest the July 24 - 27th, when my kick ass friends, Tracey and Emily are coming to visit. So far, I've tentatively scheduled a total day of shopping that Friday, including in the little artsy shops in a well-known, nearby historic town about 3 miles from us.

That night will be karaoke night at our local "haunt". So considering who I'll be with, I may just get drunk enough to actually sing something. Wouldn't that be scary?

Saturday? Not sure yet. There's a TON of stuff to do around here, so we'll play it by ear. But that night, the live bands play at the other local bar we go to, so we'll hit that place. I'm so totally pumped, it's not even funny. :)

So Tink... schedule your days off, put your ass in the car, and head on up. I promise several fun-filled evenings and possible public embarrassment (for me) if I decide to sing. :)


OK. Off to bed. Tomorrow, we have T-ball pictures for Hannah at 9:40 AM, soccer for Grace from 1:00-2:00, and then T-ball practice for Hannah from 2:00 - 4:00. All while Steve is off golfing for the entire day somewhere with my dad. Great. [sigh]

Ah hell, perhaps if I keep reminding myself that tomorrow night is "Date Night", I'll be able to get through it. ;)

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