Friday, April 25, 2008

Hola Chicitas!

How's it hanging, gang? Sorry I haven't been around. Dear GOD, I suck at this blogging thing lately. Sorry 'bout that. It's not because I hate all of you or anything. I've just been busy. With work... with kids... with T-ball... with soccer... with dance class... with making some Mother's Day gifts... with a constantly-trashed house... with being outside in the finally arrived spring weather, etc. It's nuts. But a good nuts, so no complaints here...

Let's see. What to update you on? Oh! Let's talk about this past week's "Date Night". I swear, I look forward to mine and Steve's Saturday nights out more than any other moment of the week. Not because I'm out and about with my husband and we're basking in the alone time and being all lovey. Nuh uh. Anyone that knows me (us) knows that that isn't the case. At all. LOL!

Nope. I look forward to it because we ALWAYS have fun... always end up meeting up with people (either friends or random strangers)... always laugh our asses off... and always forget half of the details by the next day. It's awesome.

So anyway... this past Saturday, we headed back to the bar/restaurant where we adore the bartender, Jen. The place that the old barracuda lady hit on Steve that night. We got there REALLY early (for us) this time -- right around 5:00, if not earlier.

So in the first hour we're there, I had an old high school friend, Kevin, that I haven't seen in about 10 years come in, as well as my aunt and uncle. We talked to all of them for a bit, but then those wusses left and we were still there. Now we had gone in that evening with Steve telling me he did NOT want to stay late again, that he wanted to just eat dinner, have a few beers, and leave, etc. I'm thinking, "Yeah. Right dude. Over my dead body." But I didn't say it out loud. But we've finished dinner, I'm just about to finish my beer, and I KNOW Steve's going to say we should leave (it was about 7:00 at this point). I didn't WANT to leave, but wasn't going to argue.

All of a sudden, as I'm taking that last swallow of my beer, I glance up over to the restaurant part of the bar and see Rachelle and Dan. Dan is my good friend from high school and his Rachelle is his kick ass girlfriend. Some of you that have been at the pig roasts have met him. He's usually my awesome beer pong partner, and we've ruled that damn table since the conception of the pig roast.

It was another case of we-know-Steve-and-Allison-are-usually-there, so they swung in to see if that was the case. Bad news, my friends. LOL! Because right after THEY arrived the live entertainment showed up. I'm all ABOUT live entertainment, so Steve knew he was screwed. LOL!

The guy singing was HILARIOUS and he brought his girl-friend along, who was also cool. Seriously though, within 5 minutes of them arriving, they somehow found out when our pig roast is this year, how I invite every live act I see to come play at it, etc.

So the guy goes up to start playing and the FIRST words out of his mouth are, "Hey. The pig roast has been moved from August 16th to August 23rd. Every band in Northeastern PA will be there. Come check it out." LMAO!

It all went down hill from there. Rachelle, the dude's friend and I were doing a bunch of shots called "Red Headed Whore." (DAMN me and the shots. Must... stop... that...)... I'm yelling for him to play "Crazy Bitch" while raising my hand, and when he says, "Not yet," I yelled, "No no! I just thought you were taking roll call." Dear god. It was freakin' hilarious! We "heckled" each other all night,and I swear, the guy was half singer and half comedian. Good shit. I also remember Steve telling our bartender, Jen, I was passing gas like a champ, but we're just going to forget that part ever happened. Snort! We've decided we're totally inviting the guy that sang that night to the pig roast. And truthfully, he just might show up. LOL!

Seriously. Date night RULES! Everyone should come out to Date Night with us. You won't be disappointed. I promise. ;)

But the bottom line is that I, once again, "won." I KNEW we wouldn't be home early and I was right. Steve really just needs to surrender to the personality of his wife, and realize that if we step into a bar or party with beer, food, people I know, and live entertainment, you may as well pitch a tent and call it a night. LOL!


And on a totally different note... we all went to visit Tommie tonight. He's doing awesome! Pretty much back to normal, other than the colostomy bag, the feeding tube still up his nose that he has to use every night, the skin grafts healing, and the fact that he's way underweight. LOL! But seriously, he's taking it like a champ, is going places, is out and about, and his old personality is completely back. I'm so, so, so proud of him. :)


New favorite band (for tonight anyway): Augustana. Good stuff. Check 'em out. The song called "Sweet and Low" is a particular favorite of mine.


And now, I'll leave you with some photos (because that's what I do). The other night, I got home from work to find the girls outside with hats and backpacks, telling me they were going on an "adventure". Grace found a bird's nest that was in a tree in our yard for a good year and gently took it out. (No birds have been in it in forever, so she wasn't hurting anything.) She LOVES that thing and has admired it since. Here are some pictures of them that night. :)



Studying the Bird's Nest

Grace's Treasure


Tink said...

Your girls are so beautiful! Grace looks more mature each time you post a picture of her.

About this pig roast... How long do you think Hoop and I would have to drive to get to your house? :)

Agent M said...

Grace is just getting prettier and are so in trouble. LOL

Kelly said...

I love that song Sweet and Low!

hepmomto3 said...

My goodness! She looks so grown up it's insane! I'm really glad to hear Tommie is doing well.