Friday, April 18, 2008

A Cornucopia of Randomness...

It's one of those nights again. Those nights where I just spew randomness on a plethora of topics. Not on purpose. Either because I have so much to say that I get caught up in the party taking place in my mind, or because it's been so long since I've blogged, that I have a ton to catch up on. Tonight, is a combination of both I suppose. So let's see. Where to start...

Tommie. Let's talk about Tommie. He's HOME!!! He FINALLY got out of the hospital on Tuesday and is at home. He still has a VERY long road to get back to "normal", but the fact that he's home kicks some serious ass. He still has his colostomy bag (and will through the summer)... he has to put in some sort of feeding tube every night, overnight... He's very weak (over 6 ft. tall and only weighs 120 lbs right now)... Still needs someone with him at all times "just in case"... His skin graph is still healing (they took a skin graph off his leg and put it over his incision on his abdomen)... A physical therapist will be going to his house 3-5 times a week and possibly an occupational therapist as well... He takes over 30 pills a day. Poor kid. BUT HE'S HOME!!! :) He starts getting home schooled tomorrow. He is/was a junior in high school this year, so he'll be home schooled now and through the summer, and will hopefully join his classmates back in "regular" school next fall for his senior year. His dad (my BIL) took him fishing yesterday. He has to sit down the whole time and gets tired easily, BUT HE'S HOME!!! We seriously thought we were going to lose him a few short weeks ago, so we're all just thrilled. Thanks again for all of your thoughts and prayers. We could still use them, but for now, we're all in our happy places, and I truly believe that it's because all of you. :)


So let's talk about American Idol. (How was that for a seamless segue? LOL!) When this season first started, I was hung up on David Archuletta. (I have no idea if that's how you spell it, but I'm too lazy to go look it up right now.) I still think he has a beautiful voice. Flawless. Effortless. Peaceful. But I have to admit that my new favorite is David Cook. Love the dude. I always liked him, but it's only the past 2 or 3 weeks that I've come to LOVE him and hope he wins it all. Just because out of all of the contestants, his album would be the one I'd be most likely to buy. His or Brook if she released a folky/artsy/acousitc type album.  But yup... definitely pulling for David Cook. What about the rest of you?


So in a few short weeks, I'll be "receiving an intern" at work. As in, there will be a summer intern working for ME. Now, those of you that have met me in person, or have known me for years realize how humorous this is. For those of you that haven't, let me assure you that it's a hilarious concept. I pretty much act/talk/behave in real life the same way I do online. To be blunt, I'm a flaming idiot. I make stupid, inappropriate jokes. I curse like a sailor (not around children or important people though). I am a total spaz. And yet, the company I've worked for for only 7 short weeks has decided to trust me enough to "mentor" a poor young soul, fresh out of college and looking to make their mark on the world. Uhhhh... yeah.

God bless this girl. For real. I have NO idea what I'll have her doing for me. They say it's up to me. Up to ME? They're kidding, right? Now, this may sound strange to some of you, but I'm pretty "protective" of my documentation. I hate when other people I work with go in and "mess up" the 800+ page computer software manuals and 1000+ topic online help systems I've created. They're mine, dammit, and I need to stake my claim. I'm also the type that has real trouble dictating what other people should do. Because for the most part, I don't give a shit what other people do. I wake up, I do my job (and I do it well, dammit), and I go home at the end of the day.

Who the hell am I to tell someone else what to do? Or to, god forbid, teach them something. I'm not saying any of this in a holier-than-thou sort of way. I just honestly still, after 12+ years as a tech writer, consider myself pretty low on the tech writing totem pole. I don't feel like I have anything to offer someone else. So this whole intern thing should prove to be rather, um, "interesting." I'll certainly keep you posted. At the very least, it's got to lead to a humorous blog entry or two, right?


I'm beyond pissed off at tonight's Survivor. And I mean REALLY pissed off. I won't post any spoilers, but the person I so desperately wanted to win the whole thing got voted off tonight and, frankly, it annoys me. ARG! I don't know why I get so wrapped up in these people that are on these reality TV shows. But I do. And tonight, Grace, Hannah & I were all booing the TV when the results were read at Tribal Counsel. Sigh.


I have a new obsession in terms of music. Actually, it's not really a "new" obsession. I randomly "discovered" the guy on way back when (like, six months ago at least) and have repeatedly listened to his 3 free downloads since then. I ADORE his voice. Love it. I found him tonight on My Space after a Google search and am now listening (obsessively) to more of his songs. I need to order his CD and then I'm going to hope that he signs a major record deal so I can keep hearing his stuff. Check him out. His name is Bryson Van Cleve and his voice rules (in my humble opinion of course). I tend to really like that type of music you'd hear live in a bar (big shock there, huh? LOL!) I like that raw, indie type rock where the band makes you want to knock back a few beers or shots with them in between sets. "We Carry On" is still probably my very favorite of his songs. You might not like him. But I do, and well, wouldn't it be cool to be just like me? [grins]

Again... his name is Bryson Van Cleve and you heard about him hear first. Just remember that when he's all famous and stuff and people are just jumping on his bandwagon, OK? ;)


OK. If I keep talking, you'll all be asleep by the time you get this far. So I'll sign off for the night. Later gators! ;)


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Kelly said...

Awesome news about Tommie. I'll still keep him in my prayers that his recovery goes well.
I LOVE LOVE LOVE David Cook. I so hope he wins. My 2nd fav is Brook. I really hope she gets some kind of record deal when all is said and done

Susan's 365 said...

Wonderful news about Tommie!!! He will definitely continue to be in my prayers.

Mary said...

That is awesome news about Tommie! I am so thankful that he is now home :-) He will still be in my thoughts.

I'm pissed about survivor too. Tom couldn't figure out what the big deal was...Tho I guess they were smart to get rid of him because it was/is AWESOME...

hepmomto3 said...

I love David A.'s voice. Just friggin INSANE!!!!! David Cook though is really original and I will definitely buy his album.

Survivor - I loved who was voted off. So cocky..thought he/she was gonna have an easy ride. I love when people get blindsided on that show!

And most importantly - HOORAY FOR TOMMIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BTW - your post is so LIKEABLE!! *snort*

Tink said...

Wow. That multifuncional person doesn't talk like a robot at all. Oh look. He/she has a twin! Hi Tv de lcd.

I'm so glad to hear Tommie is home! That's great news. Keep us updated. And if there's anything we can do...

Carrie said...

Great news about Tommie!! That is so wonderful.

I agree with you there on David Cook. I've never voted on AI before except for the last two weeks that I've texted my vote in for David C. He's the man.

Am LMAO that you're getting an intern. Oh my...what that poor girl has in store for her! PIMP!

Loving the fishing pics. And shut the hell up when I say you're a damn good photographer and don't try to tell me you're not. You are. So...there. LOL

Flying Piggy said...

Woooooooohoooooo on Tommie! I'm so happy to hear that. It's about damn time.

As for Survivor. Well. Crap.

Flying Piggy said...

Um... that was me, Toiny. Sorry.

Beatriz said...

BVC/Bryson Van Cleve really rocks. 'We Carry On' is a good song; they have some songs up on youtube, and by the way their wicked bassist Al is Filipino and he's my boyfriend, lol ;-)