Thursday, March 20, 2008


OK. So this post isn't going to be nearly as exciting as the title suggests. But if was fun for you for a few seconds at least, right? LOL! Gosh, I have such a hodgepodge of stuff to babble about. So bear with me. Go grab a drink (may I suggest some coffee if it's before noon where you are, and a Miller Lite if it's after 4:00 PM. If it's in between, well, you're on your own).

I'm so excited to announce that Jen Wilson (the digital scrapbooking designer I CT for) has started a new team blog. We're all really excited about it, and I'm pumped to start posting over there. I'm going to have tutorials, photo layout challenges, etc., so head on over if you get a chance and pay a visit. It's good stuff.

The Creative Life

(And speaking of which, if you're visiting here via the link on that blog, I'd like to apologize up front if you expected to find another scrapping blog. Although I often post my layouts here, I didn't start this blog for that purpose. I talk about my life, the funny things that happen, etc. I curse... I make fun of people (but only the ones that deserve it)... I bitch and moan... and I say it like it is. I'm truly sorry if this offends you, but all I can say to you if that's the case, that you shouldn't read it. I don't mean that rudely. I really don't. But I am who I am and have had this blog for years -- long before I even knew what digital scrapbooking was. So if you'd like to stick around and join the group of awesome readers I have, feel free. If not, well then, I wish you well anyway...)


Tomorrow, I'm working from home for the first time since starting the new job. At 8:15, I'm taking my car in for an oil change for the first time in very possibly a year. Um, I'm pretty sure I'm due for one? LOL! Ugh. I'm surprised my car is still running.

Then at 12:30, I have an appointment at the eye doctor. I totally don't want an exam, but I'm out of contact lenses and need an exam before they'll give me more. Bastards.

At 1:45 or so, Grace will be getting home from school (early dismissal) and then the girls are sleeping at my mom's tomorrow night. Grace has off for Easter on Friday, and I can't really ask off from the new job already, so my mom took off instead and is going to watch them on Friday. So they're sleeping over tomorrow night, allowing Steve and I to go somewhere and buy their Easter basket stuff, since we haven't bought a single, solitary thing yet. [sigh]

Oh, and every spare second in between, I'll actually be working, since I have so much to do at this job, I don't even know where to begin. And I mean that literally. LOL!


The day after that old barracuda lady hit on Steve at the bar, we went back to have dinner with my mother-in-law and her husband. Our favorite bartender was there again, and she told me that after we left the night before, Barracuda Lady got totally trashed, was lap dancing on the old guys there, and that she had to cut her off and give her Sprite. LOL! Nice. I'm not sure whether to feel sorry for the old broad or admire her, since I can totally envision being her in 30 years. ;)


Totally random, but when I just posted about my mother-in-law up there, it reminded me of when I blogged about how she had to leave Grace's open house 2 years ago because she was having digestive issues, and then had to pull over halfway home and "relieve herself" in her sister's neighbor's bushes. Seriously, I totally crack up every time I think about it.


For those of you that have asked... Tommie's doing better. No more ventilator... no more catheter... and he's basically awake now. He did awesome yesterday, had some pain today, but considering how bad he was, we're, for the most part, happy about his condition. He's starting to talk more, which is also good. He definitely still has a VERY long road ahead of him, but we're no longer cringing every time the phone rings, anticipating the worst, so that's good. Thank you all again for your continued thoughts, prayers, emails, phone calls, etc. You all kick some serious ass.



Kelly said...

I went way over due for an oil change a few months back. Ralph noticed a sound my car was making. He checked the oil and I didn't have a drop in there! It's freaking amazing I didn't blow up my 2yr old car! I'm horrible about getting oil changes.
Oh and last summer I called to order some new contacts and I was 2 days past my prescription date. Bitch made me come in for another eye exam.
I feel for you. Two things I don't like to do in one day!
I'm glad the job is going good. Keep posting about FUGG. She sounds like a total charmer.

Amber said...

Man! These are the things I miss about working outside the home. *giggle*
That maybe gay friend reminds me of a guy I worked with, that I named "Gay Brian" when I told Kory stories about work...He was married to a chick, but man, he was GAY. I would bet on it. LOL!


Mary said...

I having to get the oil'd think my husband would do it considering he works in the service department of a car dealership....sigh.

Well atleast you can have some fun when you have to go in to work....must be so nice to be at home now after that hellish commute....

and YAY for the news about Tommie. I am so happy to hear the progress...

Kimmykay said...

I want to stop by where you work. I'll wear fake UGG's and comment on how much money I didn't spend to get the ugg-ly look... LOL.

So happy to hear about Tommy. Sending more prayers that he will be home soon.

Chelle Y. said...

Yay, you made me laugh, despite my crappy day! LOL!

hepmomto3 said...

So glad to hear Tommy is doing better!

Love your stories about FUGG girl.

hepmomto3 said...

BTW - where are your pictures? Did I miss something?

Tink said...

Want to be roommates in Hell? ;)