Saturday, March 15, 2008

Oh my...

Steve & I just got home from a bar down the street where we went to have a few beers, since we don't have the kids tonight. Um, while there, a 60+ year old woman (who admittedly, looks good for her age) hit on Steve for a good hour. Bought HIM drinks (but not me), wouldn't stop talking to him, told him about the "tattoo on her ass", etc. I was sitting a few stools down with an older friend of ours, and he and I couldn't stop laughing our asses off. We were taking bets and everything. Steve doesn't wear his wedding ring often, so we're pretty sure that at first, the old broad didn't realize we were together. But even after she realized it, she didn't let up. It was freakin' hilarious, and Steve just wanted to leave, but I kept ordering more beer so I could watch him squirm in discomfort (because I'm sweet like that).

While Steve was sitting there in pure agony, the friend and I were acting so freakin' stupid that we couldn't stop laughing. PLUS, it was karaoke night, so people were there singing REALLY badly. The friend (Skip) and I considered going up and singing "Tiny Bubbles" for reasons I don't feel like getting into right now, but we were too enthralled with Steve's little romance to leave our bar stools.

Seriously, my town kicks some serious ass. Everyone should move here. LOL!


Carrie said...

Ha! Ya gotta watch out for those cougars...they like fresh man meat. LMAO!

Mary said... should have been encouraging her...made it even funner!

Chelle Y. said...

Ah, even she thinks your husband is handsome! :)