Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Something important to me...

I have two dear friends who both have sons that have been diagnosed with autism. I have learned a lot about autism from both of them and I admire the two of them SOOO much for what they've done to make their sons' lives as "normal" as possible.

One of my friends is a special ed. teacher in Chicago and the Early Childhood department in her school district has put together a team for the Chicago Walk Now for Autism.  The walk is on Sunday, May 18th, and my friend is accepting donations on a website. If you have a few extra dollars to spare (Or even one! Every little bit counts!), can you click on the link below and offer a donation? It would mean so much to me, her, and all of the people out there dealing with autism on a daily basis. Thanks gang! Love ya!

Go support Tracey & Billy!


Renfield said...

Thank you, so much!! That was really nice of you to do. *smooch* Love ya!

Agent M said...

You're such a good friend. :)