Tuesday, February 19, 2008


What to say. I dunno. LOL! Nothing particularly exciting happened today. Steve worked on the sunroom most of the day... I returned a video... the girls both went to school... See? Nothing exciting. LOL!

I did, however, finally clean up our damn living room which was being overrun by toys and other crap. I also reorganized my desk and threw away a TON of old papers and crap that I don't know why I was keeping. I'm "preparing" the area for when I start working again, which is THIS Monday. ACK! I'll have to go into the office (about an hour away) for a week or two, but after that, it's all telecommute, baby. Sa-weet! I'm actually pretty excited. :)

Steve's excited because I told him I'm getting my belly button pierced soon. If I could design/find that perfect tattoo I see in my head, I'd get that done too. But that may have to wait... :)

I ran on our new elliptical machine yesterday AND today. How's that for consistency? LOL! Today, I even threw in some sit-ups and some weight stuff. I'm totally cool with my current weight (which is near what it was in high school), but I'd really like to tone things up a bit. It's amazing how two people (the old me and the new me) can weigh the same, but look totally different. LOL! So I'd like some definition in my abs, and I'd like to tone up in my ass and thighs a a bit. Holy shit, I may be able to wear a bikini this summer!! Can you imagine?! (Please don't. It's still sort of scary.)

Steve & I both have haircut appointments on Friday. I'm taking him to "my guy." We both desperately need them, and I knew that if I didn't make him go with me, he'd never go (and he needs one WAY worse than I do). I think Steve may get his eyebrows waxed while we're there. Dare I dream? LOL! I'm totally going to take pictures if it happens, so stay tuned... LOL!

I can't believe I start a "real" job again in less than a week. This is so surreal to me. I'll have to go into the office at first, and the thought of getting dressed every day, commuting, packing a lunch, paying tolls, etc. is so weird. I used to do it every day for years without blinking, but now, it's going to be totally new again. I'm excited though. The stability... the steady paycheck... the medical benefits... the feeling of self-worth... exercising parts of my brain that haven't been used in awhile... It's all good. But now I have to buy a few pairs of pants this week for when I have to go into the office. I have NO pants (other than jeans) that fit me since my weight loss, so I kind of have no choice.

It's butt-fucking-cold outside right now, and is supposed to be for the next week at least. I am soooo over winter. Granted, we didn't get as much snow as we could have (which is cool), but this sub-zero weather really sucks some serious ass. I want SPRING, dammit. Because spring means summer is approaching. And summer means I have a ton of friends flying in for visits, which kicks ass.

Speaking of summer... what the hell am I supposed to do with Grace all summer? Now that I got this job, I have to work/be available every day. Sure, I can fudge some stuff here and there, but I can't make the kid sit here all day, every day for 5 days a week all summer long. She could go to the daycare my mom works at (where Hannah goes) at least a few days a week, but I have some issues. Her class would be going to the city's public pool every day (not our "city"... we live 30 minutes from the daycare). My biggest fear is drowning -- for me OR my kids), so this is something I'm a little leery about. Shit. And we live in such a small town, that there ARE no programs/centers/daycares/etc. to send her to. Hmmm.... What to do. I guess I'll worry about that closer to the summer. Yeah. That's it. Because procrastinating has worked so well for me in the past. [rolling eyes]

So who else is watching American Idol? We're obsessed. We freely admit it. I was so pumped for tonight and it didn't disappoint, for the most part. I definitely have a good 4 or 5 favorite guys going into this, but I don't ever decide for sure until after the second or third week. What about everyone else? Anyone you particularly like?

Anyway, as you've just witnessed, I've got nothing good or exciting to say what-so-ever. So with that, I'll put you out of your misery and end today's blog entry. Until tomorrow... :)


Kimmykay said...

Belly button huh? I've thought about it but is it dorky for a 40 yr old woman to do that? LOL. I SWEAR I'm not feeling the 40 thing...

geenalyn said...

kim...totally not dorky. I'm of the ilk that if you want it you should do it for yourself....

Susan's 365 said...

It's like your nesting, but instead of doing it before a baby arrives you're doing it before you start work.

Hey, you should get a pic of yourself on the elliptical and use that for your Project 365 photo one day.