Sunday, October 19, 2008

Weekend Report

So the weekend’s been busy, but fun, I suppose. Friday night was “Movie Night” here, so we made ice cream sundaes and watched “Finding Rin Tin Tin” (cute movie, by the way). Yesterday, I cleaned during the day and then we headed to the town’s Halloween parade. Grace walked with her Brownie troop again, and I walked with Hannah and her Daisy troop. They made me wear a stupid headband and a tail, but I shoved the tail into my back pocket about 2 blocks into the parade. I have some pride. And since the entire damn town watches the parade and I know over half of them, I had to draw the line somewhere. LOL!

I’m waiting for Steve to get home from walking around on a mountain somewhere so we can order wings and watch the Steelers game I’m taping right now. I’m soooo tempted to turn it on and at least see who’s winning, but I’m fighting the urge. Sigh.

Anyway, I have some more cleaning up to do, so here are my pages from the last few days for my Week in My Life project. I’ll be back later. :)

WIL-Thursday 10_16_08 WIL-Thursday 10_16_08_page2

WIL-Friday 10_17_08 WIL-Friday 10_17_08_page2

WIL-Saturday 10_18_08 WIL-Saturday 10_18_08_page2

I doubt you want to see ALL of these pages close up, but I will post the last two larger so you can see little Hannah has a cat. Unfortunately, since I was with Hannah for the parade, I didn’t get any photos (except that one) of Grace.

WIL-Saturday 10_18_08

WIL-Saturday 10_18_08_page2


Amber said...

Your pages rawk. So cool that you do this! Really, what I would giv eto have a mom who put down her days with me like this...It will mean SO MUCH someday, A. Your such a good mom. :)


kmf said...

adorable alison! is that a template for your pages? that is so cool!! love the pix and the costumes...i am so doing this. soon.

Allison said...

Amber, you could totally do this. You don't have to do it digitally. Just snap some photos one week, buy an album or scrapbook, paste 'em in, and write a little about the day. I had SO much fun doing it!

Kim, no template. But I totally scraplifted it from a template that Ali Edward sells. I'll post a link in my next blog post later today.

Kelly said...

Allison you did a great job with the templates! I thought you had bought Ali's. I really like this idea but my days are so boring there just isn't much to scrap about. LOL.

LotoFoto said...

Alien, are you getting snow???
Love these templates and the shots you chose... You take very photojournalistic shots.
Love them.