Thursday, October 16, 2008

Halloween has officially begun.

Last night, Grace was in a Halloween parade in a neighboring town. She walked with her Brownie troop. The girls were jellyfish and their leader was Spongebob. I must say, their costumes were really creative and they looked really cute! They had umbrella hats and they attached strips of bubble wrap, colored cellophane, and some iridescent charms. They each wore a blinking, color-changing light around their neck and had different colored glow sticks in the umbrella hats. They looked really neat walking in the dark.

Grace had a blast! It was her first parade she was ever in. Hannah sat with me and Steve to watch it and loved getting all the candy that the parade marchers threw to the kids along the street. (Are we the only people that do that? It’s a big thing around here for all parades, and the kids LOVE it.

This Saturday is our town’s Halloween parade. Grace is in it again and Hannah is also in it with her Daisy troop. I’m walking in the parade with Hannah, although I don’t really want to. LOL!

I’m working on another little album project too. At Artscow, you can order a deck of photo cards, with a different photo on each card. I recently discovered that you can set it so that the actual card numbers and suits aren’t printed on the cards. Since there are 52 cards in a deck and 52 weeks in a year, I uploaded one photo from each week for the past year and put one on each card. Then I turned off the card numbers for printing. When I get them, I’ll somehow bind them (probably with a ring) and have a little album of a picture a week for a year. I’m excited to get them! I just need to create the “cover” card and then I can order them. Once I get them and see if the whole concept actually works, I may order another set or two for Christmas gifts for the grandparents.


And now, I must go do something productive. Here are my pages from yesterday for my Week in My Life project. Grace is on the right-hand side of the photo, holding the banner. :)

WIL-Wednesday 10_15_08 blur WIL-Wednesday 10_15_08_page2blur

WIL-Wednesday 10_15_08 blur

WIL-Wednesday 10_15_08_page2blur


kmf said...

I LOVE that page Alison! Your dd looks so cute!

Kelly said...

LOVE the spongebob costume idea!
I'm really liking your Day in the life pages!

Tink said...

Ok, the jellyfish costumes are freakin' amazing. Between that and your mini-album idea, I feeling low on the creative totem pole. Unless you count making a list of "menu items" for our cannibal kitchen. The specialty on 10/31 will be TOE jam and BRAIN food with EYE candy and lady FINGERS for dessert. :P

Allison said...

I know. Aren't the jellyfish costumes cute? I have NO idea who thought of it, but I was rather impressed with their creativity. LOL!