Tuesday, October 07, 2008

It’s that time of year…

That time of year when the kids are in 8 billion extra-curricular activities and we have someplace to be or somewhere to go every night of the week AND on weekends. And then there’s the usual family fall stuff, like pumpkin patches, preparing for Halloween, etc. As much as I love this time of year, it also completely exhausts me. LOL!

That being said, it was a really busy weekend for us. Grace had a 3-hour Brownie hike on Saturday, so my mom and I took Hannah to a local pumpkin patch. The “problem” was that the next day, Grace wanted to go to the pumpkin patch too, so we took both girls on Sunday. We were there for hours both days, and to say that I’ve had my fill of pumpkin patch activities for the year 2008 would be an understatement of huge proportions. LOL!

But at least I got some great photos, right? I didn’t upload the pictures from our day there on Sunday when Grace was along, but I have some from the day just Hannah was there with us.

IMG_5520Final []

IMG_5526Final []

IMG_5535Final_1 []

IMG_5556 []

I’ll post the ones of Grace later. Wait until you see her face painting from that day. LOL! ;)

And yet, in the middle of our craziness this weekend, I managed to get some more layouts done, which is cool.

Grace_Closeup_Fun Day



Hannah the Explorer

So I guess that’s it for now. Later tonight, we’ll discuss how I’ve become a TOTAL computer geek in terms of Firefox add-ons. Seriously. It’s become a sickness. Good times, I tell ya…

Later gang!


hepmomto3 said...

Beautiful! Love the pics and the LO's are fabulous...as usual.

kmf said...

great LO's Alison..love the shocking pink one and the boots one fer sure. I hear ya on the 8 million extra curricular things...run, run, run.

LotoFoto said...

Damn I was getting tired of coming over here and finding NO new photos lol!
Love that first shot of Hannah. Amazing!

Kelly said...

Love those LO's!!! And the pictures are awesome. Want to switch 2 boys for 2 girls for photography purposes? LOL.