Thursday, December 27, 2007


I know. I know. I'm late. But better late than never, right? I'll be back later with photos and a recap of our Christmas (which was great, by the way), but I wanted to throw these up here right now.

This week's words were Pink and Tradition.


Hannah got an American Girl doll for Christmas, and the one she got (Elizabeth) comes in an old-fashioned pink dress. Hannah is obsessive about dressing like her dolls, so when she unwrapped a pink princess dress-up gown that day, she was in Heaven. So here they are, in their pink attire:




I'm all about holiday traditions. I try to incorporate some from when I was a kid, as well as throw in some new ones as I hear about them from other people. So this year, I did an old one and a new one. Every year, we try to create "evidence" that the reindeer landed in our back yard. Last year, Steve took "bite marks" out of a cardboard box out there and told the girls the reindeer had chewed on it. This year, I took it one step farther and decided to put footprints out there. So I took a dead deer's lower leg (from the deer Steve shot this hunting season), and used it to create footprints in the snow. This was supposed to be Steve's job, but he fell asleep that night about 2.5 seconds after arriving home from his dad's house on Christmas Eve, which is where we always celebrate that night. So there I was that night, outside, in the cold, at midnight, half crocked on wine, using a dead animals leg to create paw prints. The thing is, our "snow" was actually covered by an icy layer on top. So for each print, I had to swing the leg like a chisel, break through the ice, and then press (hard) into the snow I uncovered underneath. It took my about 30 minutes. LOL! I thank god the neighbors didn't see me, or I could've been arrested. "Officer? There's a drunk woman swinging a dead animal's appendage in her backyard, while drinking a beer and cursing loudly." LOL! Anyway, here's Steve showing the girls the footprints on Christmas morning:



I also started a new one this year. I've been meaning to do it since I first heard about it 2 years ago, but never planned ahead and got the stuff I needed. But this year, I traced a boot onto cardstock and cut it out to make a stencil. Then I used the stencil and powdered sugar to create Santa's footprints leading from our back door to our Christmas tree. I left a note for the girls (from Santa) thanking them for the cookies and milk and told them to apologize to their mommy for leaving his footprints on her freshly mopped floor. But I explained that my (Santa's) boots are magic and that the snow that touches them doesn't ever melt. They were soooo excited on Christmas morning. They made me leave the footprints on the floor until the 20 guests we had that day showed up. It kind of killed me to put those footprints there since I had just scrubbed that floor on my hands and knees not 6 hours earlier. But the magic of Christmas for my kids (and lots of wine on my part) won out.



Odd Mix said...

The photos are great, Allison, and the love you showed your girls is even better. How wonderful for them to see the "evidence" of Santa on Christmas morning.

Hannah is a lovely young lady and looks beautiful in her matching dress.

fishface said...

What great ideas! You are such a fun Mom!

Chelle Y. said...

That is the coolest idea ever! Both of them! All Santa did for Brendan was leave a note. Oh, and he sent a letter, thanks to my brother.

I was late with my pictures too.

hepmomto3 said...

Those Santa prints are awesome!! Merry Christmas Alien and family.

Amber said...

Oh shit, you are too cute! What great ideas! All I did was leave a note, and open the fireplace screen. lol!

Happy new year.


Carrie said...

Oh. My. Gosh. The mental image of you out there creating reindeer prints with the lower appendage of a dead deer while drinking a beer was too much for me to handle. I just choked on my Diet Coke and snorted at the same time. Thanks. Thanks for that. ;)

You are too cute.

ALLISON said...

Carrie, dear...

There was nothing "cute" about it. It was f*cking hilarious to watch from afar, I'm sure. Dead animal legs RULE! LOL!

Tink said...

Omg. I'm laughing/crying over the deer leg. I love you. I really do.