Monday, December 03, 2007

Hi guys!

I'm here. I've just been busy making lots of Christmas gifts (for myself and other people), etc. I got our Christmas cards in the mail today and I LOVE them! I made them from scratch, but that's not why I think they're so cool. LOL! I made 5"x5" tri-folds and had them printed at White House Custom Color. I decided to print them on their linen paper and oh... my... god... It's to DIE for! It's so rich and the colors are amazing. Here are the actual .jpg files and below that are the actual cards that I took pictures of today. I wasn't going to post these because some of you will be getting them in the mail and then the thrill is sort of gone (LOL!), but I couldn't help it. :) The photos really don't do them justice though. You have to feel them to truly appreciate them. LOL!

Outside Spread:

Outside Spread2


Inside Spread:

Inside Spread2_edited-1


Front of Card:

White Balance


First Flap After Opening Front:

White Balance2


Full Inside of Card:

White Balance3


Full Outside of Card:

White Balance4


I still have to make another card. I send out a TON of Christmas cards every year and the tri-folds are too expensive to buy more than one pack of 25 cards. So I'll make a flat card for the other people I send some to. :)


slh said...

Those are awesome! Great job.

Kelly said...

They turned out gorgeous! Don't you just love the linen paper?

Chelle Y. said...

Those are beautiful! I just finished addressing mine, so you should be getting one in the mail soon! I did not make it, I let Costco do it for me.

You already saw my picture too, but oh well..... :) It will still be a surprise because I will not tell you which one! :)

hepmomto3 said...

These are beautiful!!! You could start a business!

Carrie said...

Aww, LOVE the card!! Can you do mine now? ;)

Tink said...

You totally rock. Those are the coolest cards I've ever seen.