Thursday, December 06, 2007

Uhhh... "Christmas" shopping?

Yeah. Um, so I went Christmas shopping today, for the first time this year. I ended up getting more for myself than anyone else. [sigh] In my defense, I NEED new clothing. None of my stuff fits right. My pants are all way too big... my sweaters are huge... etc. So when I do get to the mall (30 miles away), I try to grab stuff I need for myself too. And I NEEDED jeans.

So anyway, I headed into Aeropostale, which is one of my favorite clothing stores. I snagged Steve a kick ass coat. All of his winter coats are ugly, too big, etc. I got this bad boy for only $30 (regularly like $60 or $70 or something). I also grabbed him a pair of jeans (something else he desperately needs). I can't WAIT to see him in it. Mmmmm....



So I couldn't buy Steve stuff and not myself, right? I mean, they were having fantastic sales. Eh-hem. So I snagged three or four fitted sweaters and 2 pairs of jeans. I was THRILLED because I totally dropped a size (or 2) since the last time I shopped there. SWEET!



These are the only things that are currently on their website, but I also got a pink and maroon striped sweater (similar to that green one up there, but it's a zipper cardigan), some camis, and a hoodie.

However, I DID manage to get the girls a few things at Libby Lu's. Makeup kits, another Webkinz for Grace, and a t-shirt for Hannah. I never did get over to Toys R Us though because I had to get home to get Grace off the school bus. And now I'm going to return one or two of the things I got for myself at Aeropostale because I need different sizes. That means I'll probably go back again tomorrow. Me. A girl who, for the most part, HATES shopping at the mall. But um, people other than myself need gifts, so I don't have much of a choice. [sigh]


Carrie said...

Cute! Too bad we live so far away. Then we could hate shopping together. ;)

Chelle Y. said...

Now, you need to take pictures of you and Steve in your new clothes! :)

Amber said...

I did almost ALL my shoping on Amazon. I hate shopping. I heart Amazon. LOL


Tink said...

Oh shut up with your size-dropping crap. I don't want to hear it. ;)