Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Much better today...

My sister's situation isn't really any better, but I am. I finally got some stuff done today. And I kind of decided I need to seperate myself from the situation. Not that I'm not here for my sister, or that I won't help her. Just that I can't let myself get caught up in the drama. I have a family and a house to take care of, and I have my problems and issues to deal with. So I'm wiping my hands as clean from the situation as I can without being a bitchy, horrible sister.

So enough about that crap. LOL! I'm off to start dinner now (chicken fajitas... Mmmm....). Then I'll snuggle with my kids, help Grace with her homework, and settle in for some "House" and "Cane" viewing pleasure. Sweet.

The one good thing about recent situations is that I haven't felt like doing anything productive, so I've gotten a shitload of scrapbooking done. I'll post some of my layouts later after I upload them to Flickr. It's that time of year now and the requests from friends for collages and Christmas cards are starting to come in, so I'll have that to take my mind off things. Thanks again everybody!

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mary said...

I'm glad things are looking better. Sometimes removal is the best option!

Sorry about your kitties :-(

hang in there, and post some layouts!