Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Ahhh... much better.

OK. So I sounded a little whiney earlier today. Sorry about that. My day took a turn for the better. Yes, my tooth still hurts on and off, but some tea tree and clove oil mouthwash has totally eased the pain. There's something to be said about those natural/holistic remedies.

Anyway, beyond that, I could've kissed the mailman today. He brought me all SORTS of goodies that made me smile. First of all, I got my latest "Digital Scrapbooking" magazine. Good stuff. Then, I got my new "Real Simple" magazine. I totally love that magazine. Good recipes... great tips... good ideas... Awesome. But the best part was the package from Amazon. I was confused. I hadn't ordered anything. What the hell?

I opened the box to find Frank Warren's (of Post Secret fame) "A Lifetime of Secrets". Oh my GOD! A note on the invoice told me that my good friend Tracey had sent me an early Christmas present. Words cannot describe my excitement. I LOVE the Post Secret blog and have always wanted Frank's books. I just never got around to buying them... didn't think about it on the rare occasion I was in a bookstore... couldn't afford it at the time... etc. And now, I own his newest one. [Happy happy sigh.] I cannot WAIT to sit down and read it. And I know I'll read it to cover to cover in the first sitting even though it's a huge, thick, heavy book. Thank you soooo much Tracey! I don't even know how you knew I wanted it, but you have totally made my day week year. Smooch!!!!

So if we add up my reading pleasure, plus the fact that House and Cain are on TV tonight, and I'm on cloud 9. Now if I could just get these kids to go to bed... ;)


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hepmomto3 said...

Let us know how the book is. I might recommend it for our next book club meeting. We just finished 19 Minutes. OMG - took days to stop crying. :(

hepmomto3 said...

BTW - still awaiting the comma eyebrow pics. ;)

Emily said...

WTF is up with that weird ass first comment? LOL!

I'm glad you day got better. YAY for mailmen!